Meaning of “Superposition” by Daniel Caesar (ft. John Mayer)

This track by Daniel Caesar is entitled after a scientific theory dubbed the “principle of superposition”. In its simplest form, this theory alludes to the cumulative effect multiple impetuses have on whatever it is they are effecting. And likewise, in this track, Caesar is putting forth the idea that his “life is in a state of chaos” due to a myriad of opposing factors. And every one of these opposing factors assert their collective influence upon him. In fact the only aspect of his life which he does not seem to have a problem with is making music, which to Caesar is “a piece of cake”.

But despite Daniel asserting that his life is “all about contradiction”, the struggle between “yin and yang” and “fluidity”, he believes that he is going to emerge from all of this confusion victorious. For instance, even though he may make personal, morality-based sacrifices in the name of advancing his career, he has his “own reason why (he sings)”. And likewise Daniel sees others as basically being in the same position. He believes we all have our personal rationales behind our individual aspirations.

Lyrics of "Superposition"

Facts about “Superposition”

  • Golden Child Recordings dropped “Superposition” on 28 June 2019. The track was outdoored as part of Daniel Caesar’s 2019 surprise album Case Study 01, with the entirety of the project, as insinuated by its title, being themed on scientific theories in relation to human experiences.
  • Singer John Mayer provided background vocals on this song. In addition to that, Mayer also produced the track and co-wrote it.
  • Other writers of the song are River Tiber, Matthew Burnett, Jordan Evans and Daniel Caesar himself.
  • “Superposition” marks the first collaboration between Daniel Caesar and John Mayer.

Please note that this is a scientific/philosophical track written by people who it’s safe to say aren’t scientists nor philosophers. It was therefore quite an interesting experience interpreting the lyrics.  

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