“Carry Me Away” by John Mayer

On this song, John Mayer is presenting himself as a very-plain kind of person, i.e. one who finds himself extremely bored even at the height of the summertime. 

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So he is desiring for someone to ‘carry him away’, i.e. the type of loved one who will liven up his life via their very presence. So in order to accomplish this task, in contrast to the character of the singer himself, this individual, i.e. the addressee, should be dangerously carefree and fun-loving.

And, that’s just about it. Whereas this song is specific in the above regard, it is also very general in another. In other words, the exact type of nature of the relationship between the singer and this ideological addressee is never specific. 

So said individual can be interpreted, perhaps most easily, as a romantic interest. Or it can be a really-wild friend. Or perhaps we can even postulate that this piece serves as a soliloquy, i.e. the narrator trying to rile himself up to make a major power-move in his own life.  

In fact just to note, what inspired John Mayer to pen this tune in the first place was as an act of appreciation towards his fans – a “late summer postcard” as he termed it. So it could be that he is rather trying to encourage them to go out in pursuit of edifying their own summers, or something like that.

"Carry Me Away" Lyrics

When did John Mayer release “Carry Me Away”?

On 5 September 2019, “Carry Me Away” became the third single issued in advance of the album it is to be featured on, John Mayer’s “Sob Rock”. 

And the tune performed really well on Billboard’s Hot Rock & Alterative Songs list, where it peaked at the third position.

And the label that supported him in making the song public is Columbia Records. Mayer has been signed to since 2001 and were behind all of the studio albums Mayer has released thus far.

Carry Me Away


This is yet another Mayer tune which the vocalist wrote and produced himself. 

What John Mayer said about "Carry Me Away"

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