Meaning of “too young” by Games We Play

The lyrics of Games We Play’s “too young” describe a youthful relationship filled with optimism and dreams that ultimately ends in heartbreak. Starting somewhere around the age of nineteen, the couple is full of hope and promises to be together forever, despite skepticism from those around them, including their parents.

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As time goes on, they grow in different directions, and the realities of life, such as bills and the need for a stable home, start to put a severe strain on their relationship. By the time they are twenty-three, they reflect on their naivety. And in doing so, they realize that they were way too young to fully understand the complexities of a committed relationship.

The breakup ends up leaving a lingering sense of loss and longing, with the world continuing to turn, but a painful void left in its wake. The repeated line, “We were too young” underscores their acknowledgment that they may have been unprepared for the challenges they faced.

“too young.” also express confusion, fear, and a lingering attachment, painting a poignant picture of love that was intense but crumbled under the weight of reality, growth, and change. At the end of the day, the song acts as a reminder of how love can be both beautiful and tragic, especially when approached with youthful idealism.

Is still moving along
And the world will still turn
But it hurts since you’re gone
Yeah we said forever
Forever’s too long
Swore to god it would never
Be us saying we were too young”

Release Date of “too young”

The song and its official music video were officially released on August 8th, 2023. “too young” is from Games We Play’s debut album which is titled “Life’s Going Great”. Both song and album are backed by Fueled By Ramen.


This tune was composed by the following:

  • Spencer Jordan
  • Danen Rector
  • John Harvie
  • Emmyn Calleiro

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