Meaning of the song “There’s A Place In Hell For Me And My Friends” by Morrissey

There’s A Place In Hell For Me And My Friends is a song performed by British singer Morrissey. Lyrically, the song sees the narrator talking to a group of people who apparently feel that the narrator and his friends are not righteous (for an unknown reason, maybe because they are different). And since all people that are not righteous are believed by many to end up in hell, the people feel the  narrator and his friends would end up there. With regard to the “hell”, it is not clear whether the narrator is referring to hell in its literal form, but certainly the hell Morrissey talks about in the song is a place in the afterlife.  Why are we so sure that the hell being talked about is a place in the afterlife? Simply because Morrissey categorically states in the lyrics of the song that when he and his friends go (meaning when they die), he hopes their blood and bones don’t get in the way of the people and make them ill the way they did when he and his friends lived.

Since Morrissey is homosexual, many fans believe that in the song, Morrissey is talking about the perception that some people have that all gay people end up in hell. In this case, “Me and My Friends” is referring to Morrissey and his fellow gay friends.

Our Favorite Line from the song “There’s A Place in Hell For Me And My Friends”

Here is our favorite line from the song’s lyrics: There Is A Place In Hell For Me And My Friends

Facts about the song “There’s A Place In Hell For Me And My Friends”

  • The lyrics of the song were written by Morrissey whereas songwriter Mark E. Nevin, who is best known for his membership of the British soft rock band Fairground Attraction, wrote the music.
  • The song is the tenth track on Morrissey’s second solo studio album titled Kill Uncle.
  • With a total length of just 1 minute and 52 seconds, the song is the shortest song on the 1991 album Kill Uncle and one of the shortest songs of Morrissey’s musical career.
  • At 11 words, the song is Morrissey’s song with the longest title.

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