“Menace” by Dave East

The titular “menace” whom Dave East is referring to is in fact himself. In other words, the motif of this song centers on the rapper presenting himself as an individual who is more or less a thug. This includes him making references to the notion that he sold illegal intoxicants back in the day. And as for his present life, he depicts himself as the type of individual who rolls with shooters. Indeed due to his wealth, it would behoove him to exercise a certain degree of self-defense. 

So basically, Dave East wants fans to know that he is indeed living that life. That is to say that his lifestyle is highlighted by riches, women and guns.

“They label me menace”

Release of “Menace”

This is the title track, if you will, from Dave’s 2020 project, which is entitled “Karma 3: Thoughts of a Menace”. It was released on the 4th day of June, 2020.

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