“Sexual” by Dave East (ft. Chris Brown)

As the title suggests, “Sexual” is in fact a bedroom fun song. Dave East, buttressed by Chris Brown, primarily focuses on the tale of a lady he is enamored with, specifically in a “sexual” sense. And anyone familiar with rap/R&B songs in this day and age which operate along a similar vein already know what to expect. For instance, Dave gets quite explicit in admiring this lady’s body and lovemaking proficiency. Also she has a man already, but that does not prevent the rapper from still sleeping with her. Additionally she is a high-taste girl who likes expensive things, and luckily East’s cashflow is sufficient to impress her in that regard. 

And overall Dave presents himself as a playa who really enjoys getting “sexual” with romantic interests.

Release Date of “Sexual”

“Sexual” can be found on the deluxe edition of Dave East’s “Karma 3” album. And the track was released on October 23rd, 2020.

Writing and Production

The producers of this song, Nick Fouryn and Smash David, also worked with Chris and Dave in penning it.

Have Dave East and Chris Brown collaborated before?

Yes. Dave has featured Chris on a couple of tracks prior to this, “Perfect” and “Bentley Truck”, both in 2017.

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