Michael Jackson

Nicknamed the “King of Pop”, Michael Jackson was arguably the world’s greatest entertainer of the 20th century. He has made enormous contributions to music, dance, and fashion across the world and is considered an important cultural figure in many parts of the world.

Born Michael Joseph Jackson, he made his professional debut as an artist in 1964, as a member of the Jackson 5, a group that consisted of himself and four elder brothers of his. He later became the lead singer of the group. However, in 1971, he began his career as a solo artist, and in 1972; he released his debut solo album titled Got to be There, under Motown Records. He went on to have a phenomenal solo career, releasing numerous singles and albums that broke many records and topped the music charts of many countries.

He is considered one of the most decorated artists of all time, with honors, including the following:

  • 39 Guinness World Records
  • 6 Brit Awards
  • 15 Grammy Awards
  • A Golden Globe Award

His notable inductions include the below:

  • Songwriters Hall of Fame
  • Vocal Group Hall of Fame
  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

As of 2021, he was the only recording artist to be inducted into the Dance Hall of Fame.

He lived for 50 years and sadly passed on 25 June 2009 from a drug overdose.

Fun Facts about Michael Jackson

He grew up in a Christian home as a Jehovah witness believer. Like many Jehovah witnesses, he preached their gospel with his family to several people as a child.

Aside from music and dance, he tried several roles in the movie industry. In the 90s when Marvel Comics was in a bankrupt situation, he tried to buy the company. This decision was based on his long-lasting desire to act as Spiderman, a leading role in one of Marvel’s superhero movies. However, his plans to buy the company did not work out. Again, when Marvel announced the franchise for the famous X-Men movie, he auditioned for the role of Charles Xavier (aka Professor X). His audition was not successful and he failed to secure the role.

He was a pet lover. He is well known to have adopted a pet called Bubbles the chimpanzee. The chimpanzee became very famous as he walked down various red carpets with it. He ate at the same dinner table with it and taught it how to do his famous moonwalk dance.

He suffered some fatal accidents in his career. While filming for a Pepsi commercial, he was involved in a fire incident that caused burns to his scalp and face. He also fell and broke his nose in one of his usual dance-training sessions. This caused him severe pain and affected his breathing. It is alleged that he began experimenting with plastic surgery and skin bleaching after his injuries were treated. However, he was diagnosed with vitiligo after his death.

He received a humanitarian award from the former President of the United States, Ronald Raegan. The award was for his tremendous work to help stop the spread of HIV / AIDS.

Top Songs from the King of Pop

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