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Stevie Wonder

“Part-Time Lover” by Stevie Wonder

In “Part-Time Lover”, Stevie takes on the role of an unfaithful romantic partner. And the titular character is a “lover”, though not his official one, whom he sees on a “part-time” basis. So we can safely...

Michael Jackson

“Thriller” by Michael Jackson

“Thriller” is an iconic pop song that is actually highlighted by a storyline which reads like a horror movie. Tracks with similar motifs have been released prior and since. But none have had the mass appeal...

Michael Jackson

“Human Nature” by Michael Jackson

Of all the tracks featured on Michael Jackson’s (1958-2009) classic “Thriller” album, we think the song “Human Nature” has the most-philosophical and introspective sound. But whereas it may come off as being exceptionally-deep, it is...