Moby’s “Mistake” Lyrics Meaning

The particular type of ‘mistakes’ which Moby is harping on in this song, even though he doesn’t go into elaborate detail concerning them, are the ones he has made in romantic relationships. Thus when he concludes the chorus by stating “I never wanted anything more”, such is not intended to imply that he has accepted such faults. Rather that statement likely alludes to how he feels towards his significant other. Apparently the relationship itself is not the problem.Rather the issue is how he behaves in said association.

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For instance, we can see in the second verse that the narrator has issues with the way he is being treated by the addressee. But this is to imply that Moby was a victim of romantic abuse. Rather as stated in his own words, this song is centered on the error he personally made in relationships. As such in this passage – and arguably even the whole track – he is actually empathizing with some of the individuals he’s dated in the past.

And overall, he acknowledges both the joy and the pain which are at times part and parcel of being in love. Or looked at from another perspective, the fact that he has made such mistakes does not mean that he intended to hurt his partner. Rather the whole track relays this feeling that whereas there is obviously verbal and to some degree even physical abuse present in the featured relationship, there is also undeniably a feeling of love and appreciation. 

So all things considered, the character at the center of this tune can perhaps best be described as someone who from a romantic perspective is challenged in terms of controlling his emotions.

Lyrics of "Mistake"

Facts about “Mistake”

“Mistake”, which was written and produced by Moby, was released on 14 September 2009. Moby released it as the third single from his album entitled “Wait for Me”.

Interesting to note is that this is the only 1 of the 16 tracks featured on “Wait for Me” in which Moby serves as the lead vocalist.

There are a number of music videos to this song. One is an animated affair created by cartoonist Robert Powers. Then there is another standard video directed by Yoann Lemoine, and yet another one which had Katy Baugh as its director.

“Mistake” charted in Belgium and also appeared on Billboard’s Dance Club Songs chart.

This track appears in the thriller film “The Next Three Days” (starring the likes of Elizabeth Banks and Russell Crowe). It is actually one of the multiple Moby songs used in the film. Another prominent Moby song that appears prominently in the aforementioned film is the 2011 track “Be The One“.

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