Moby’s “Be The One” Lyrics Meaning

Moby’s “Be The One” features the same stanza being repeated continuously. And even in that regard, three of the four lines which makeup the passage are similar in composition. But that being established, it is pretty obvious that Moby is singing to a romantic interest. And considering that the verbs he uses are in the past tense, it would appear as if they already had a romance which at this point is defunct.

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Now the artist seems to be putting forth three basic sentiments. One is that he never truly understood what this partner wanted out of him and/or their relationship. Secondly he implies that he gave her “hell” but that she “needed” it. This would insinuate that, to some degree, he was a toxic partner. But at the same time she derived some type of pleasure or benefit from him behaving in such a manner. And operating along that same line of thought, his third main sentiment is that he played some type of necessary role in her life, as in being ‘the one she needed’.

Lyrics of "Be The One"

Song’s Title (“Be The One”)

Now in trying to relate all of this to the track’s title, which is never actually mentioned in the lyrics, it is arguable that Moby is still trying to get with this lady. Their romance may have already ended, even on a sour note but he is trying to point out that despite such, he was actually the ideal partner for her on a number of levels. And as a result he is attempting to rationalize her coming back to him. Simply put, he wants her to “be the one”, as in the significant other in his life.

So in summation, all things considered, perhaps the easiest way to describe this song is as a case of the singer addressing an ex-girlfriend that he still has feelings for.

Release Date of “Be The One”

“Be the One” was released on 15 February 2011. It is the lead single from Moby’s “Destroyed” album. The publishers behind the track are Mute Records and Moby’s own label, Little Idiot.

Writing and Production Credits

“Be the One” was solely written and produced by the singer.


This song featured prominently in Paul Higgis’ 2010 thriller film titled “The Next Three Days“.

Furthermore, the track also managed to chart impressively in France.

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