“Moral of the Story” by Ashe

Simply put, Ashe wrote “Moral of the Story” while she was going through a divorce. And she drops hint to this fact throughout the lyrics. But what they are primarily centered on is the concept of infatuation – for lack of a better word. Or stated differently, she drives the point home that a person feeling as if she is in love does not mean that she is actually in love. And once again, she is a living example of someone who has made such “mistakes”. But the overall “moral of the story” does not read as an acknowledgement of her romantic errors. Rather it is that “in the end” of it all, she has come out a “better” person. 

So it can be said that the singer does not regret going through a terrible emotional experience. She feels that had it not been for that negative experience, she wouldn’t have developed. So the bad experience was more of a blessing in disguise. However, this is not to insinuate that the she is advising the listener to make similar errors in the name of personal edification. Indeed to the contrary, the lesson she seems to be imparting, if any, is that we should instead be patient before jumping all-in to a romance.

Lyrics of "Moral of the Story"

Facts about “Moral of the Story”

It has been reported that Ashe actually endured a “terribly-messy divorce” which is at the center of this tune. In fact when “Moral of the Story” was released by Mom + Pop Records on 3 April 2019, her marriage to her ex-husband was still legal.

This is the title track from Ashe’s second EP, “Moral of the Story: Chapter 1”.  (Her follow-up EP is likewise entitled “Mortal of the Story: Chapter 2”.)

Ashe co-wrote this song along with Casey Smith. And the track was produced by Noah Conrad and Finneas (who is the older brother of noted singer Billie Eilish).

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