“Till Forever Falls Apart” by Ashe & FINNEAS

Ashe and Finneas’ “Till Forever Falls Apart” features the type of, shall we say dark lyrics one would come to expect from Finneas. More specifically, it speaks to the idea of the world coming to an end or even more particularly than that, a major earthquake or tsunami in California. 

Indeed it is common knowledge that the Golden State lies upon a major seismic “fault line”. Well the singers, being residents of the locality, also know this and basically acknowledge that accordingly at any unforeseen moment, such disaster can strike.

But this is not a doom-and-gloom piece. Rather the sentiment being expressed throughout features the vocalists celebrating their love, even in the face of such potential catastrophe. They even go as far as imaging such horrible scenarios actually transpiring. And the way they envision the situation is that if so, they will make the best of it by expiring alongside each other. Or as Finneas states in the second verse, “there’s nothing more romantic than dying with your friends”.

Ashe expands on the meaning of “Till Forever Falls Apart”

And according to Ashe’s explanation of this tune’s meaning, this is not meant to be your conventional love song – even beyond the references to the apocalypse. To the contrary, what the abovementioned narrative is intended to lead the listener back to is something like the idea of love being fleeting. In other words, the aforementioned apocalyptic settings are allegories pointing to the relationship between the vocalists – for whatever reason – coming to an unexpected end. 

And the thesis sentiment, once again according to Ashe, is that the two of them having had the opportunity to love each other in the first place being more important than the fact that their union did not last into perpetuity.

But with that being noted, honestly the lyrics themselves read more or less like your standard “I’ll be yours forever” type of romance track. Indeed as used within the context of the composition, that is fundamentally the notion which the title of the song alludes to.

Lyrics of "Till Forever Falls Apart"


So conclusively, we can perhaps say that this is a relatively-complex piece lyrically. There are references to the end of the time and potentially-forthcoming natural disasters. And the singers come off as being in love but at the same time (i.e. in the bridge) as if they have accepted the reality of one day being torn apart.

So ultimately, we can say “Till Forever Falls Apart” is indicative of the times we live in. The prospect of major calamities is something that many people, including youth, have on their minds somewhat constantly. And romances themselves, in general, are perhaps more unstable than ever. So underneath it all, yes, the singers do understand that their relationship can end at any given moment. And all things considered, the wording features them cherishing the time they do have together.

Facts about “Till Forever Falls Apart”

As expected Finneas served as both a writer and producer of this track. He accomplished both tasks alongside Big Taste, an artist from New Zealand. And Ashe also gets songwriting credit on “Till Forever Falls Apart”.

Like Finneas, Ashe is likewise from California. And this is apparently the first time that they have collaborated vocally.  However, Finneas has worked extensively with her in the past, assisting her in putting together a couple of EPs. Those would be the below 2019 EPs:

  • Moral of the Story: Chapter 1 
  • Moral of the Story: Chapter 2 

And apparently the reason he works with her regularly is because he respects her artistry. And Ashe has also expressed a similar sentiment in regards to teaming up with Finneas.

Sam Bennett directed the music video to this track, and it was choreographed by Monika Felice Smith.

This song was officially released on 2 March 2021. And it made its debut via a Zane Lowe Apple Music program called the New Music Daily Radio Show.

The label that put this track out is Mom + Pop Music. And at the time of its release Finneas is 23 years old and Ashe 27.


In all, the narrators express their never-ending love for each other. And this amazing love is one they intend to hold onto for as long as they remain alive.

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