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Oh, girl, I’ve known you very well
I’ve seen you growing every day
I never really looked before
But now you take my breath away
Suddenly you’re in my life
Part of everything I do
You got me working day and night
Just tryin’ to keep a hold on you

Here in your arms I found my paradise
My only chance for happiness
And if I lose you now, I think I would die
Oh, say you’ll always be my baby, we can make it shine
We can take forever, just a minute at a time

More than a woman
More than a woman to me
More than a woman
More than a woman to me

There are stories old and true
Of people so in love like you and me
And I can see myself
Let history repeat itself
Reflecting how I feel for you
Thinking ’bout those people then
I know that in a thousand years
I’d fall in love with you again

This is the only way that we should fly
This is the only way to go
And if I lose your love, I know I would die
Oh, say you’ll always be my baby, we can make it shine
We can take forever, just a minute at a time

More than a woman
More than a woman to me
More than a woman (ooh, my baby)
More than a woman to me

More than a woman
More than a woman to me (oh, so much more)
More than a woman (oh, baby)
More than a woman to me

More than a woman
More than a woman to me
More than a woman
More than a woman to me

More than a woman

Full Lyrics

The Bee Gees’ ‘More Than a Woman’ remains a quintessential emblem of the disco era, its smooth harmonies and insistent groove embedding deeply into the fabric of ’70s pop culture through the soundtrack of ‘Saturday Night Fever’. On the face of it, the song is a tribute to the transcendent power of love and the way it elevates a partner to near-mythical status. However, a closer examination reveals a rich tapestry of meaning and emotion beneath the shimmering surface.

Beneath the shimmering disco ball, ‘More Than a Woman’ transcends its dance floor roots, carrying listeners on a journey through the complexities of love, devotion, and the timeless desire to capture the ineffable essence of a significant other. Let us dive deep into the underlying currents of this classic tune, unraveling its secrets one melody at a time.

The Symphony of Eternal Adoration

The pulsating beats and honeyed vocals of the Bee Gees serve as the vessel for an overwhelmingly passionate declaration. The lyrics express a man’s awakening to the profound effect a woman has had on his life, transforming his entire existence. This metamorphosis is not solely about the throes of romance; it is a realization of a partner’s integral role in one’s daily rhythm, ultimately presenting love as a transformative force more potent than mere physical attraction.

‘Suddenly you’re in my life, part of everything I do,’ the lyrics croon, encapsulating how love seamlessly intertwines with the mundane and the extraordinary, elevating daily acts to acts of shared meaning. The song’s protagonist acknowledges this shift from mundane to magical, illustrating that love, in its truest form, envelopes every facet of one’s being.

A Journey Through Love’s Chronology

One cannot help but be captivated by the way ‘More Than a Woman’ transcends time, connecting love stories of old to the fledgling romance unfolding within the song. The history of love is used as a mirror, projecting the certitude that the emotions expressed in the song are as timeless as love itself. This lyrical choice underscores the notion that the feeling experienced by the lovers is not unique in its intensity but resonates with the universal human experience of deep affection.

By stating, ‘And I can see myself, let history repeat itself,’ the songwriters weave a tale that is both personal and universal. It suggests the inevitability of love, recurring across generations, defying the confines of time.

Decoding the Euphoria of Love’s Grasp

In the heart of ‘More Than a Woman’, one finds an intricate dance of joy and fear. There’s elation in finding one’s ‘paradise’ within another person’s embrace, and yet, the lyrics tremble at the precarity of such happiness. The Bee Gees deliver a line as poignant as it is troubling: ‘And if I lose you now, I think I would die.’ Such words reveal the vulnerability that comes with complete emotional investment—one where the fear of loss is as potent as the pursuit of joy.

It is this delicate balance between life-affirming love and the specter of its potential loss that gives the song its emotional depth. The possibility of eternally holding onto love is juxtaposed with the recognition that every shared moment is perilously finite.

Celebrating the Timeless Hits – Memorable Lines that Captivate

Certain lines in ‘More Than a Woman’ have become catchphrases that encapsulate the ethos of longing and connection. The oft-repeated phrase ‘You’re more than a woman to me’ serves as a mantra of devotion, imbuing the song with a sentiment that is profoundly resonant. It’s a declaration of the deeper connection one feels beyond the physical, ascribing an almost divine stature to the beloved.

The repetition of the phrase not only cements its importance but also reinforces the cyclical nature of passion—the idea that with each utterance, the feeling deepens, an echo that resounds in the chambers of countless lovestruck hearts.

Behind the Beat: The Song’s Hidden Poetic Pulse

Beyond the infectious grooves and falsetto flights of the Bee Gees, ‘More Than a Woman’ conceals a poetry in motion, crafting images with the power to linger in the imagination. The song’s structure itself, with its gentle verses giving way to a soaring chorus, reflects the ebb and flow of romantic emotions—a swelling tide of yearning met by the calming shores of assurance.

It is this underlying poetic current that imbues the song with a layer of depth often overlooked amidst the sparkling surface of its disco origins. ‘More Than A Woman’ is not just an ode to a lover but a symphony to the dance of life and love—a tale of two entwined souls moving rhythmically to the undying beat of devotion.

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