“My Band” by D12

Eminem’s D12 was one of the more, shall we say cinematic acts in the history of rap music. In other words, they did not shy away from dropping tunes based on a variety of subjects, many of which were comedic exaggerations of their real life. And yes, they did in fact get accepted into the mainstream music industry due to the ridiculous success of one of their members in particular, Eminem. As such many people logically perceived Em as the leader of the group. And that is the motif which the song “My Band” is based on. 

The rapper is presenting himself as the leader of ‘his band’ due to his overwhelming popularity. And basically his bandmates are lamenting the fact, in their own respective ways, that he’s getting the bulk of the spotlight and preferential treatment. Accordingly, there are quite a few times that they actually curse him. But this is all in good-natured fun. And the truth of the matter is that even to this day D12 are still remembered as Eminem’s “band”, i.e. his homeys who directly benefited from his personal success.

“These chicks don’t even know the name of my band”

Facts about “My Band”

Outside of Eminem, this track features his D12 partners McVay, Artis, Kuniva, Proof and Bizarre.

This is the lead single from the group’s second album, which is entitled “D12 World”.

“My Band” was a very successful D12 single. It reached number 6 on the band’s home country (the Billboard Hot 100) It also reached number 2 in the United Kingdom (i.e. the UK Singles Chart). It has also been certified Platinum in Australia and New Zealand.

In addition to co-writing credits, Eminem is also credited as the sole producer of this hit.

14th March, 2004 was the official date of release of “My Band”. It’s release was shortly followed by another hit single “How Come“. Both “My Band” and “How Come” are considered two of the most successful D12 songs.

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