“How Come” by D12

The popular theory behind the meaning of this song is that it is based on discontent between members of D12. Acceptance of this idea would logically be at least partially due to the storyline of the track’s music video. However, such does not actually seem to be the case. Rather the featured vocalists are addressing different individuals. For Eminem, it is a childhood friend. For Kon Artis it is also a friend whom his relationship with got strained due to some issue over a woman. And for Proof, it is n***as from the ‘hood who are now jealous of his success as a musician. 

And basically, all three of the artists are questioning why their associations with these respective individuals have turned sour. Or stated differently, they are asking these people “how come” they have to behave in such a manner that jeopardizes their relationship. For in their eyes, the addressees are behaving unjustly towards them.

“How come we don’t even talk no more
And you don’t even call no more”

Facts about “How Come”

The original, unofficial version of this tune features verses from D12 members McVay and Bizarre in addition to Eminem, Kon Artis and Proof. However, the official version doesn’t contain the verses of the duo (McVay and Bizarre).

On April 27th, 2004, this hit was released on of the singles from D12’s “D12 World” album. It was actually the second single the group released from “D12 World”, following “My Band“.

“How Come” charted in 14 countries, including hitting position 4 in the UK and being certified Gold in the United States.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ems part could be about Kim they were close friends before they dated and I believe they didn’t talk for a while then began to date and have the relationship they did end up having plus they both grew up the same for example in the song it said we grew up the same you ran the streets I 9 to 5d it maybe referring to them finally dating and em paying the bills but probably not

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