“Need Me” by J.I.

In “Need Me”, J.I. is by and large addressing a romantic interest. Their relationship appears to be a bit complicated, and at certain junctures it’s pretty obvious that he may be talking about different ladies. But the main chick who is at the center of the tune is one who appears to be reluctant to get involved with him due to bad relationships she’s had in the past. But she would apparently be an anomaly in that regard, as J.I. presents himself as someone who has a way with the ladies. Indeed he lets it be known that he can even take the girlfriends of other dudes. So at the end of the day, let’s say this song jumps around a lot. 

For instance, at points the artist also speaks of the need to defend himself from haters. Moreover he drops quite a few lines pointing to how he is superior to his opps. And this varying nature of the lyrics is indicative of the fact that “Need Me” is actually a freestyle. But that being said, it also successfully keeps to its established romantic theme. And at the end of the day, what J.I. is telling the aforementioned lady friend is that if she ever does need to holla at him, he is always on standby to take her call.

Release of “Need Me”

This song came out on 16 August 2019 and is considered to be J.I.’s breakout hit. The track is featured on his debut EP, which is entitled “Hood Life Krisis Vol. 1”.

Writing Credits

“Need Me” was written exclusively by J.I. And the track was produced by an artist known as Docondabeat.

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