Neon Trees’ “Sleeping with a Friend” Lyrics Meaning

“Sleeping with a Friend” is an interesting song premised on the singer’s appreciation of his homeys, presumably male and female alike. They may all have their respective personalities, but they are also unified via collectively housing energetic spirits as well as being stricken by a common boredom with the system, if you will. 

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But however one may interpret the highly-metaphorical verses of this track, it is pretty evident that the singer values his friendships.

And the way he actually makes that fact most known is by actually becoming afraid by the prospect of one of his female homies being romantically involved with him. Or put more plainly, Tyler understands that romances can and often do negatively affect established friendships. 

So now that homegirl is feeling him, well, it can definitely be gleaned that the feeling is mutual. But more to the point is that now that he’s “sleeping with a friend”, he is scared. And why? This is because he feels that if the relationship does go on to dissolve, then he’d be heartbroken twice, i.e. losing both a lover and a bestie. 

But as previously implied, as concerned as he may be, the vocalist is also obviously willing to take that risk.

Neon Trees, "Sleeping With a Friend" Lyrics

Neon Trees

Neon Trees is a rock band that has been repping Provo since the aughts. Having released four studio albums to date, they have experienced limited success throughout their professional tenure. But the most-triumphant out of that lot was their 2014 project, “Pop Psychology”. 

Sleeping With a Friend

Facts about “Sleeping with a Friend”

It is from the album “Pop Psychology” that “Sleeping with a Friend” can be found. The song was introduced, as the second single from that album on 11 January 2014. Also on that album is the group’s famous song “I Love You (But I Hate Your Friends)” can be found.

As far as the sound of “Sleeping with a Friend” goes, co-writer and vocalist Tyler Glenn has admitted that it was inspired by the project “So”. “So” is an iconic album English singer Peter Gabriel put out in 1986.

“Sleeping with a Friend” is one of the biggest commercial hits in Neon Trees’ catalog, having been certified gold by the RIAA. And it also appeared on a whopping nine different Billboard lists, representing one of the most pervasive American chart showings we have ever come across. 

And for the record, even though it wasn’t a smash on the Hot 100 itself, this track did break the top 10 of the the following listings:

  • Adult Top 40 
  • Hot Rock & Alternative Songs 

To note, even though Tyler Glenn is an out-of-the-closet gay, this song is about one of his earlier heterosexual romances. And the other co-writer of this tune is the track’s producer, Tim Pagnotta.

Besides for Tyler Glenn, the other long-standing members of Neon Trees are:

  • Chris Allen
  • Elaine Bradley
  • Branden Campbell
Neon Trees’ drummer Elaine contributes backing vocals to this track. This is of course in addition to her brilliant drumming skills on the track.

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