“I Am” by Bebe Rexha

It’s always interesting when a musician decides to name a song or project “I am”, which by the way happens semi-regularly. That’s because, besides that term being part of a well-known part of a famous philosophical phrase, practically anyone familiar with the Bible knows that it is how God initially named himself.

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Under normal circumstances, we would more or less assume that a musician using the title “I am” is not directly related to the Good Book, unless maybe said artist is a Christian one. But Bebe Rexha’s latest album is so imbued with religious/biblical terminology that it is very much probable she and the following co-writers of this song choose that name/motif for that very reason:

  • Whitney Phillips
  • Tim Pagnotta
  • Maya Kurchner
  • Joe Janiak
  • Brian Phillips

Indeed, even within this piece, which in actuality revolves around a sentiment of unrequited love, we find other such terminology such as “prayer”, “god” and “devil”.

So as with the Most High, if you will, the vocalist is also declaring herself “everything”. Such a personal perception or designation can be taken as an act of self-exaltation on part of the singer. But more to the intended point is why she is making this claim and who she is making it to.

The who, as alluded to earlier, would be her significant other. And the why is apparently Bebe she feels that he should be treating her better. Or as Rexha puts it, due to her high value and wealth of experience, coupled with the fact that she truly loves the addressee, she should be ‘everything to him’.

“But I am a woman, I am a rebel
I am a god, I danced with the devil
I am a lover, I am a legend
If I am everything, why am I not everything to you?”


“I Am” was produced by American musicians Brian Phillips and Tim Pagnotta.

This track’s label is Warner Records, whom Bebe Rexha signed to in 2013.

This song was released on 28 April 2023, as the penultimate track on Bebe Rexha’s self-titled album (“Bebe”).

“Bebe” was marketed by these singles:

“Heart Wants What It Wants”

“Call on Me”


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