“Not Shy” by ITZY

‘Not Shy’ is a delightful piece that reflects ITZY’s personalities and desires. More specifically, it showcases the musical talents of each member and how well they gel with each other. The premise of the song is about a girl loving that one guy and how she is not shy to say it. She has an assertive personality and is unafraid to speak her mind. The music is hip and the lyrics add a great deal of sass to the overall composition. Element of pop and rap flow together beautifully throughout the entirety of the piece.

‘Not Shy’ is undoubtedly a welcome addition to a growing collection of ITZY songs. Fans will definitely appreciate its themes of self-love and personal confidence.  

‘Not Shy’ was released by K-Pop girl group ITZY on August 17, 2020. It is the first and title track from their 3rd EP.

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