“Now That I’ve Found You” by Liam Gallagher

In “Now That I’ve Found You”, British pop legend Liam Gallagher is addressing a young lady by the name of Molly Moorish (who is very dear to his heart). That being said, it should be note that Molly is never actually mentioned throughout the song.  

Who is Molly Moorish?

Molly is Liam’s daughter whom he never actually met until the year before this song was released, when she was 21-years old. 

Molly Moorish
Rock singer Noel Gallagher and his niece Molly Moorish. And BTW, Noel is Liam’s older brother.

As such, the primary sentiments he is expressing throughout are not only expressions of love and affection but also his desire to make up for lost time.  In other words, he knows he cannot go back and reclaim the past. But ‘now that he’s found her’, i.e. his long-lost daughter, the singer is fully committed to loving her as effectively as possible. Moreover, he wants their bond to now be a lasting one. He simply just wants he and Molly to maintain nothing but a permanent presence in each other’s lives.

All in all, “Now That I’ve Found You” is joyful and heartfelt song. It is a song in which Gallagher is rejoicing his new-found relationship with his daughter. And in doing so, he states his deep love for and dedication to her.

Lyrics of "Now That I've Found You"

What Liam Gallagher said about this tune

Before performing this song live on the famed MTV Unplugged, Gallagher told the audience the song is about the “lovely Molly”. You can watch that famous performance above.

Release Date of “Now That I’ve Found You”

This track was released by Warner Records on 20 September 2019. Gallagher (through Warner Records) released it with the rest of the project it is featured on, Gallagher’s “Why Me? Why Not.”

Writing Credits

Gallagher wrote the song in collaboration with the track’s producer, Simon Aldred.

Did Liam Gallagher release “Now That I’ve Found You” as a single?

No. The official singles to emanate from his “Why Me? Why Not.” album are as follows:

And despite this track not being one of the above mentioned singles, it went on to become one of the album’s most loved tracks.

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  1. Lowe Daddy says:

    Epic song, and lyrically one of his finest.

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