“Shockwave” by Liam Gallagher

Succinctly put, the titular “shockwave” is a representation of karmatic justice. Throughout the verses of this song, Liam Gallagher details the lifestyle of a particular ‘backstabber’ whom he is apparently closely associated with. By Gallagher’s estimation, this person is conducting himself in such a way that eventually the negative stuff he is putting forth will eventually come back to harm him.

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And as alluded to earlier, it is pretty clear by some of the terminology utilize in the song that this is someone whom the singer truly hates – for lack of better word. Liam is not keen on the idea of mending their relationship. Rather, he is looking for a metaphysical “shockwave” to come and slap this person in the behind. And his belief is that when this does eventually transpire, perhaps it will “burn” and “shame” this individual to a point where he or she is compelled to change his or her ways. And one thing that is interesting to note is that, at the time of the release of this track, Liam was embroiled in a well-publicized beef with his older brother and former Oasis bandmate, Noel Gallagher. Owing to this, many believe the song is targeting none other than Liam’s older brother Noel.

Lyrics of "Shockwave"

Writing and Production

Liam Gallagher had help writing this song in the form of Andrew Wyatt (of indie pop band Mike Snow) and the song’s producer, Greg Kurstin.

Music Video for “Shockwave”

The video to “Shockwave” was shot in the southern United States. François Rousselet, the prolific music-video director, directed the piece.

Song debut and release

Gallagher debuted “Shockwave” during a live performance at the Round Chapel in London on 5 June 2019. The song was officially released as a single a couple of days later, on 7 June 2019. It was released from Gallagher’s  second-solo studio album, Why Me? Why Not. The song “The River” was also released from Why Me? Why Not.

4 Responses

  1. Marcus says:

    It’s common knowledge in certain circles that the Oasis duo sold their souls to the devil as did the Prodigy.
    Keith had to be put down and now Liam is soon going the same way and he knows it.
    Part of the contract…
    These bands have done their job, reaped the rewards and now their side of the deal has to be called in.

    Don’t look back in anger Liam, the Champaign supernova is coming for all of us soon.
    The wonderwall won’t save Noel either in the long run, he just doesn’t know it yet.

  2. Cameron McCulloch says:

    Got to say, I understand the references to the rift between the brothers but being realistic, all songs have many angles and meanings no matter how obtuse.
    For example, in my opinion depending on how you interpret the video it could as you say be a rant against Noel but it could easily as well be a well constructed anti political tune.
    Maybe consider the story as I see it…
    The video shows what might be considered antagonised protesters, it show’s close up’s of people appearing to exude an appearance of marginalisation.
    Lets be honest, this same appearance is only too often witnessed by many of us who are more fortunate than those depicted .
    For my part, I believe this may be due to the fact that although many of us acknowledge the troubled and broken, it is almost too easy to listen to our left side brain (which drives us down the automatic thought process path) that our self preservation and fear of what may happen next creates our own narrative which possibly leads to the self monologue coming from our hyperarousal (Fight or flight) which in turn very quickly leads to the age old decision of should I “get involved or not” regardless of any cost to our own values because even though these images don’t necessarily haunt the majority of us on a daily basis they are still there, in some cases manifesting as the darker undertone being pointed out in the video by expressing both hurt and geographical displacement. Geographical displacement which leads to daily struggles, struggles which are felt by and affect many more than some would care to admit.
    The sad fact is these people are marginalised because many of today’s rich profit from those less fortunate.
    It is to my mind indicative of rift that continues to split the entire world. Unfortunately there are NO World Leaders I can think of who value altruism and the love of his or her fellow person above the opportunity to feather their own nest or build a world in their own twisted image. It is and enough when these rulers own nest’s are well and truly feathered, that they still feel it is okay to play with others lives as though it were not real, ignoring the fact that by separating families, sending refugees back home to the very fate they risked their lives to leave their beloved homes for in the first place is tantamount to a crime all of its own,
    Worse still is the fact they appear to be content to tar with the same brush the less fortunate citizens already in their own country living on the poverty line having only to be born to the wrong family or in the wrong geographical area let alone spend weeks on a boat escaping death, travelling to a country that doesn’t want them either….
    We are the first world.
    We should not allow the exploitation of those less fortunate.
    We should look after our fellow man.
    We should talk to that homeless person rather than throw 10p in their pot.
    You never know, you might be the answer they are waiting for.
    I can only hope because what leads our super powers today are the biggest and most unreliable, untrustworthy and ignorant fools who have ever found themselves in what should be the most enviable task in the word.
    I apologise if I have gone off topic but I believe there is far more to LG than simple sibling rivalry, especially when he can pen a tune as cool as this, a tune that makes me feel like I did when I first heard Hand in Glove or Reel Around The Fountain over 35 years ago.
    GO L.G
    You Rock man, proper

  3. Coterie of sycophants says:

    Liam is the family scapegoat and Noel the higher functioning golden child covertly toxic, passive aggressive and controlling. Growing up being compared to a Golden Child sibling who has a sycophant parent is naturally going to destroy sibling relationships.

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