“Better Days” by Liam Gallagher

In describing “Better Days”, Liam Gallagher took the time to imply that he’s not the type of singer/songwriter who’s into imbuing his work with deep metaphors, subliminal messages or what have you. In his mind, what you hear with his songs is what you get.

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But that said, “Better Days” is in fact metaphorical and dependent on somewhat indirect language. But the thesis sentiment being put forth is pretty clear, as it is sort of an industry standard anyway. And that is the vocalist encouraging the addressee to remain optimistic, even though she is going through a depressing era in life.

But it isn’t simply a case of him advising her to remain positive in dark times. Instead, as presented, her woes will be “washed away” once the two of them reconnect. Indeed, the first verse implies that this may very much be the case of the two of them for whatever reason being lovers who can’t be together at the moment. So Liam is assuring this person that once his “love” does “find” her, then it’s like melancholy solved.

So conclusively, the lyrics are not as simple in their approach as Liam may believe. On top of metaphors being thrown around quite liberally, this piece also requires a bit of reading in between the lines by the audience (such as figuring out the relationship between the addressee and vocalist). But what is simpler is the main sentiment, as in Liam assuring his “baby” that his love will see her through.

Lyrics to Liam Gallagher's "Better Days"

Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher, as you likely already know, got his industry start as a member of Oasis, a very-successful English rock act from the 1990s. Due largely to the contentious relationship between him and his older brother, Noel, who was also part of the band, Oasis dissolved in the late aughts. However, about a decade after that, Liam proceeded to embark on his own noteworthy solo career. For instance, the two studio albums he has dropped thus far – 2017’s “As You Were” and 2019’s “Why Me? Why Not.” – were both UK Albums Chart toppers. 

Facts about “Better Days”

“Better Days”, which Warner Music UK made public on 22 April 2022, is a part of Liam’s third studio LP, “C’mon You Know”.

Liam is credited with writing this song, which he described as being “full of sunshine”. He composed it alongside:

  • Gustav Weber Vernet
  • Tove Lo
  • Michael Tighe
  • Andrew Wyatt

Wyatt also co-produced the track with Greg Kurstin.

Gallagher’s first public performance of this piece came on 27 April, just a few days after it was officially released, at a venue in Blackburn, England.

At this time Gallagher is 49 years old, and it has been noted that, being a dad and all, these days he’s really into family-friendly music.

An established industry vet in Paul Dugdale directed the video for this track. It was filmed on top of the Midland Hotel, a place with a very interesting history, in Manchester. Part of that history involves The Beatles, and in fact the music video to “Better Days” was designed to emulate the last time the Fab Four performed together (in 1969, which was likewise on a rooftop).

Better Days

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