“On the Ground” by Rosé

As we have noted numerous times in the past, K-pop musicians don’t drop songs just like that. Or put another way, you don’t tend to hear the ones who are internationally recognized releasing tracks that are simply braggadocious or self-exalting.  There are often elements of such, i.e. allusions to their professional success, contained therein. But there also tends to be sort of a life-lesson element involved, something that perhaps listeners can learn from or be encouraged by in the process.

And such is by and large what we’re dealing with on Rosé’s “On the Ground”. Most people listening to this song likely already know that at the moment Rosé is one of the top female musicians in the world. And she begins by acknowledging such, i.e. her life being “magic” and “fantastic”. Or stated otherwise she acknowledges her come up, having ascended from humble beginnings.

But in realizing her dreams, along the way she has also realized that many things she thought were “gold” actually turned out to be “plastic”. Or as the old saying goes, ‘all that glitters ain’t gold’. 

So on a higher level, what she has actually come to understand is that ‘everything she needs is on the ground’. Or once again resorting to an old adage, ‘the best things in life are free’. 

Or let’s refer to Rosé’s own words, which best describe the meaning behind this track. And that is “everything we need is already within us”. And this is something she learned after ‘going out and looking for it’, i.e. the meaning or fulfillment of life, only to come full circle, so to speak.

Narrator Misses Someone

But considering that this is in fact a pop song, these sentiments are put, at least partially, into what appears to be a romantic context. 

This idea really comes through in the second verse where the singer is noticing that being devoid of a certain person, who is the addressee at this point, has proven detrimental to her overall wellbeing. And as illustrated in the pre-chorus, this is someone she thinks of “every day” and “every night”.

But more to the point, whether this individual is a romantic interest or not, is the fact that in the process of blowing up he or she is someone whom the vocalist left behind. It’s almost like this person is a personification of her youth, so to speak. 

So now that Rosé is “way up in the clouds”, i.e. undeniably successful, she finds herself feeling incomplete without this figure around. And that further contributes to the main idea behind the song, i.e. she realizing that the best things in life were already within her reach when she was “on the ground”.

Narrator is willing to trade her Success for something more Important

Or logically all of these philosophical ramblings, if you will, are not to imply that the songstress wishes to throw her accomplishments away or go back in time or anything like that. Rather the lyrics are like her experiencing an epiphany. 

Obviously when she first became involved in her profession, she did not know what she knew now. She thought that actually making it big was like the ultimate aspiration in life. But now that she has in fact done so, she sees things differently.

She now comprehends that it’s rather the fundamentals, the things you can’t buy with money such as true love and companionship, which rather make life more worth living.

Lyrics of "On the Ground"

Facts about “On the Ground”

Officially this is Rosé debut song as a soloist. Circa late-2020 she has established a name for herself as currently being the most-popular member of Blackpink. Actually Blackpink is the hottest female K-pop group, if not most-trending girl group in the world, as of the release of this track.

And the release date of the song was on 12 March 2021. It was done so by YG Entertainment, another globally-recognized name in the K-pop field.

Despite both of her parents being South Korean, Rosé was actually born in New Zealand and grew up by and large in Melbourne. In fact it was while residing in Australia, at 16 years old, that she first auditioned for YG Entertainment, being prompted to do so by her dad. 

And it was also in 2012 that she participated on “Without You” by G-Dragon, which would be her first professional recording.  Meanwhile she joined Blackpink in 2016, which is also their official year of origin.

Meanwhile “On the Ground” was released while Rosé is 22 years old. And just to note, the entirety of this song is in English, not Korean as Blackpink is primarily known for.

There is also an official music video to go along with the track. And readers might be interested to know that within just two days of the video being uploaded on YouTube, it received over 70 million views.

This song is featured on Rosé’s first solo project R, which YG Entertainment put out in conjunction with Interscope Records.  And just to note one of her Blackpink bandmates, Jennie, also came out with her own album back in 2018, which was amply entitled Solo. And apparently there are plans for the other two members of the crew, Lisa and Jisoo, to drop their own individual projects in the future.

On the Ground

Did Rosé write “On the Ground”?

Artists who served as both writers and producers of “On the Ground” are Jorgen Odegard, Teddy Park and Jon Bellion. The other producers are Ojivolta and 24. And Rosé also had a hand in writing the song, as did Amy Allen.

Below are Rosé’s exact words on the meaning of “On the Ground”. She explained this while speaking on RELEASED moments after the track’s release.

Rose explains the meaning of "On the Ground"

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Basically the song is kind of about looking for answer in life for a purpose in life, and i feel like people especially these days, can relate to it, sometimes when you’re always kind of on that roll, you kind of forget to take care of what actually matters to you most, and it’s just a song that says everything we need is already within us. There’s no need to go out and look for it.

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