“One Moment In Time” by Whitney Houston

On “One Moment in Time”, the narrator (Whitney Houston) expresses her resolve to utilize the chances she gets in a day to the best of her abilities and make her mark. With the initial verse, the writer states that she wants to live each day to the fullest and give her very best.

She then goes on to admit that although she may have experienced heart breaks, pain, as well as a mix of good and bad days, she will still look forward to the day when she can make history and make her dreams a reality by breaking free and giving the best choice possible.

In the second verse, Whitney seems to have reached the peak of her life and renders guidance to her listeners to never settle for less. She further proposes that if they are able to seize the opportunity life presents and make the best out of it, they will enjoy that victory for the rest of their lives.

Facts about “One Moment In Time”

Released on August 27, 1988, “One Moment in Time” was written by Albert Hammond in collaboration with John Bettis. It’s production was solely handled by a producer in the person of Narada M. Walden.

This classic was the maiden single from its album, which shares the same name as the classic. The album was a piece for the Summer Olympic Games which was held in 1988.

The single quickly became a global hit and peaked at the summit of the UK Singles Chart four weeks after it was dropped. It was also a top-five hit in America (the Hot 100) in November 1988.

In Britain alone, over 400,000 copies of this song were sold few months after its release.

The music video of the song featured events from the previous editions of the Olympic Games. It was also used as one of NBC Sports’ montage after their coverage of the World Series in 1988.  

The singer went on to perform the song at several high-profile events. One such event was the inauguration ceremony of the Arthur Ashe Stadium in August of 1997.

A number of artistes including Jane McDonald, and Teodora Sava have released a cover of the song.

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