“Out At Night” by Clean Bandit (featuring Kyle & Big Boi)

On the song “Out at Night” Clean Bandit join forces with rappers Kyle and Big Boi to tell the tale of persons leading quiet lives during the day and wild lives during the nighttime. The song mainly focuses on two individuals. In the daytime they appear as self-collected, hard-working individuals but once the night descends, they let out a different, more-vibrant part of their nature and behave totally differently.

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One is a woman who works an 8 to 5 in social isolation. However, in the evening she hits the bottle and takes advantage of the night’s activities. The other is a bespectacled student. The song infers that at night he goes out partying dressed as a woman.

Accordingly Big Boi’s verse centers on the relationship he is having with a “nocturnal” woman.

Lyrics of "Out at Night"



Facts about “Out at Night”

  • Jack Pattersson of Clean Bandit and Big Boi penned this song with songwriters John Ryan II and Julian Bunetta. This makes Jack the only member of the band to contribute writing to this track.
  • Clean Bandit members Patterson and Grace Chatto teamed up with producer Mark Ralph to work on the song’s production.
  • The release date for “Out at Night” was November 26, 2018. It is the seventh track on Clean Bandit’s second studio album entitled What is Love? The hit singles “Rockabye” and “Solo” can also be found on that album.
  • All the vocals on this song are provided by Big Boi and Kyle. The pair sings the chorus together. However, they each solely handle the verses. In all, there are three verses in “Out at Night”. Big Boi handles two of them, whereas Kyle handles just one.

Before “Out at Night” had Big Boi ever worked with Clean Bandit?

No. This track not only marks Big Boi’s first time of working with Clean Bandit but it also marks Kyle’s first.


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