“Oxytocin” by Billie Eilish

Whereas most of the tracks Billie Eilish has dropped thus far may be romance related, very few, if any are about sex. But currently at 19 years old she is reaching the age of 21, which is considered full adulthood in American society. So it stands to reason that her musical outings are concurrently maturing.

For instance the title of this track is “Oxytocin”.  Now oxytocin is a hormone which is found in both sexes and, in reality, plays a number of different roles, all of which we can say, to varying degrees, are interpersonal in nature. 

However, according to govvie itself, what oxytocin “has been best known for” is “its roles in female reproduction”. Now a lot of that actually has to do with childbirth. But there’s some good ol’ fashioned “stimulation of the nipples” and “orgasm” up in there also. So considering that Billie Eilish, at least to our knowledge, has yet to get pregnant, then we already know where this is going.

But that said, it isn’t like Billie is a hip-hop artist. In other words, even though this song is clearly about sex, said subject is presented in more of an artistic, non-overt manner. Indeed there is a lot of subvert lyricism going on here. For instance, Billie Eilish refers to “God” as a female. 

Moreover it can be argued based on the pre-chorus that the romantic interest she is addressing is another woman. Or if nothing else she seems to be implying a threesome, or something like that.

But more the point would be the vocalist considering the addressee to be particularly hot. That is to say that she is strongly attracted to this person. Furthermore, it would appear that they are already in a romantic relationship. And on top of all of that they share similar, shall we say fetishes. So now that she has someone like this in her life, Billie doesn’t ever intend to let him go.

What “Oxytocin” is all about

Indeed by the time all is said and done, “Oxytocin” is arguably a love song more so than a sex piece. Yes, the most outstanding part of the narrative is the vocalist’s assertive desire to “do bad things”, i.e. have extremely raunchy sex, with the addressee. 

But it’s not like this is someone she just randomly met. For, as put forth earlier, the lyrics come off as if they’re in an established relationship. Also it is clear that Billie wants to be with this person for the long haul. She even threatens him that he better not “think of leaving” so long as he’s alive, basically. 

And she is able to have such satisfactory, domineering sex with him not because of physical attraction per se. Rather it’s more like they’re kindred spirits, and she intends to enjoy this relationship with the addressee so long as she possibly can.

Lyrics to "Oxytocin" by Billie Eilish
What Billie Eilish said about "Oxytocin"

Facts about “Oxytocin”

Billie Eilish co-wrote “Oxytocin”, whose creation she described as “the most satisfying thing in the world”. The other author is Finneas. Finneas is her elder brother and fellow musician who helped launch her career. Indeed it is Finneas who produced this track, as he did the entirety of “Happier Than Ever”, the album it is featured on.

This song was made public by Interscope alongside a lesser-known label, Darkroom Records. But it was actually Darkroom CEO Justin Lubliner who is credited with discovering Billie Eilish in 2016. Or more specifically he was the one who managed to sign the teen after she had already blown up as an independent artist.

To note, the official release date of this song was on 30 July 2021. It wasn’t released as a single. That being said, it should be noted that Eilish’s “Happier Than Ever” album birthed only the following singles:


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    Pretty sure in her other song she refers to being raped… The getting older song

  2. Anonymous says:

    I just don’t get the song like the others cause I don’t understand and I can’t and also I don’t have an oxytocin or sexual activity relation with any one especially if am not married so am not really interested but the beat is fine.😏

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  4. Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t seem bad

  5. Anonymous says:

    Rub it in like lotion- pretty sure she’s talking about c-m here

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