“OverHeated” by Billie Eilish

The concept behind Billie Eilish’s “OverHeated” was directly inspired by another track of hers entitled “Not My Responsibility“. The aforementioned track is the one that precedes “OverHeated” on “Happier Than Ever” (and also predates it by about a year).  Said track, as we have already covered, served as Billie Eilish’s emotional response to constantly having her body image criticized. And the feelings expressed therein were directly influenced by incidents like the one upon which “OverHeated” is based.

That was when in late 2020, Eilish was photographed by paparazzi wearing a form-fitting tank top. Now up until that point, the public was not privy to her actual body image since she always wears baggy clothing. But when they did get a look at it, the internet being what it is, the young singer was subject to a well-publicized body shaming

So “OverHeated” marks her musical reaction to that incident (which actually came after “Not My Responsibility”).

Verse 1

All of this took place on the streets of Los Angeles. As depicted in the first verse, Billie ends up getting into a conversation with some strangers. At some point in the course of such, said strangers began taking pictures of her and like wouldn’t stop. So she just ignored them and went on her way. And such would be the origin of the aforementioned photo.

Verse 2

Then the second verse expresses her amazement of how some people, i.e. the body shamers, totally spazzed in response to seeing said pic. Or let’s say she doesn’t quite understand why they are intentionally out to cause her emotional harm. 

Additionally she finds it ironic that, in reality, she has a very-average body type. In other words, she’s shaped just like most of the people criticizing her. So it’s as if these individuals don’t have any scruples or something.

However Billie has never been naïve. So she knows that being the target of such taunting is one of the risks that come along with being a big timer in the game. However, she is not one of those female celebrities privy to giving herself over to plastic surgery and even, in a sort of roundabout way, disses those who do. And such is also the sentiment upon which the bridge is based, that she is “overheated” or angry.

All in all

The body shaming and the pressure is negatively affecting Billie Eilish. Yet what this anger is achieving first and foremost is making her even more resolved not to allow herself to become sexualized, if you will.

Billie Eilish's "OverHeated" Lyrics
Billie Eilish talks about "OverHeated"

When was “OverHeated” released?

Interscope Records released this track on 30 July 2021, in conjunction with Darkroom Records. And it has come out as a feature on “Happier Than Ever”, Billie’s second full-length album.

Writing and Production

Finneas produced this track and co-wrote it, with Billie Eilish being the other writer.


Did Eilish release “OverHeated” as a single?

No. That being said, below are the singles “Happier Than Ever” produced:

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  1. Morgan Wilson says:

    I think its funny ad disappointing to be the same as someone and still talk about them in a way when you have the exact same thing as everyone else like wtf.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s a masterpiece .. one of many of B

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