“Partition” by Beyoncé

“Partition” may be the most-overt sex song of Beyoncé’s that we’ve covered in this blog. And for starters, the “partition” referred to in the title is – you know that sliding window that separates the driver’s side of a limo from the passenger’s side? 

Even if you’ve never seen one personally, undoubtedly you’ve come across them in a film or two. In the movies, they are usually tinted and what a character would use to afford him or herself privacy from the chauffeur, not only audibly but also visibly. 

In the case of this song, the vocalist would logically be referring to a tinted partition, as the reason she is telling the driver to roll it up is because she doesn’t want him to see her buffing her man, on top of other sexual acts they are set to engage in.

And basically, the thesis sentiment being relayed here is that said lover is “so horny” and she is so willing that they cannot control themselves until reaching the destination they are headed to. Indeed based on the second verse, said destination may well be a public venue itself. Or in any event, the vocalist acknowledges that she and her partner are subject to an extraordinary volume of attention for two people bonking in the back of a limousine, which isn’t anything particularly unusual in and of itself. 

It has been generally gleaned that Beyoncé may be, in this case, speaking more specifically to her relationship with celebrity Jay-Z, considering for instance that Jigga also appears in the music video and all.


Overall, well, it would be inappropriate for us to get into too much detail concerning what’s being transmitted here. But let’s also say that this is also arguably the messiest sex song we’ve ever come across by a non-rapper. And as inferred in the bridge, the point is that even an intelligent, mature and independent lady like Beyoncé – a ‘feminist’ as she puts it – isn’t such that she doesn’t enjoy a sound romping just like the rest of us.

Lyrics to Beyoncé's "Partition"

When was “Partition” released?

“Partition” was officially released as part of Beyoncé’s self-titled album, which came out on 13 December 2013 via the following labels:

  • Columbia Records
  • Sony Music
  • Parkwood Entertainment

“Partition” was the third single to be released from its album (“Beyoncé”). Other singles from this album are:

The Music Video

Officially, there are two halves to this song. The first is titled Yoncé and serves as a hidden track on the aforementioned album. Each half was afforded its own video but filmed in different locations. As for “Partition”, with its director being Jake Nava, it was shot, under a tight schedule, in France. To note Beyoncé’s husband, Jay-Z, makes a cameo appearance therein.

It has been noted that Queen B appears “dancing semi-naked” in the video. She expounded that the clip was filmed shortly after she had given birth (to her first child, Blue Ivy, who was born in January of 2012). She therefore had to work ‘crazily to get her body back’ into showmanship shape. According to her, she ‘wanted to show her body’ and women everywhere that ‘you can work hard and get your body back’ post-pregnancy. 

And to note, said clip was in fact inspired by a trip she took to a famous Parisian strip club (called Crazy Horse, in which the video was partially recorded).

Credits for “Partition”

The writers/producers of this song are as follows:

  • Beyoncé
  • Timbaland
  • Justin Timberlake
  • J-Roc
  • Key Wane 

Mike Dean also gets production credit, and an artist known as Boots is acknowledged as an additional writer.


More Facts about “Partition”

The first time Beyoncé performed this song live was during The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. And officially the first day she actually did so, while in Glasgow, was on 20 February 2014.

This track proved to be a notable success. It topped Billboard’s Dance Club Songs chart. Furthermore, it went platinum in the US and UK and double-platinum in Australia.

There is a lewd reference to Monica Lewinsky in the lyrics. Back in the days while serving as an intern inside the White House, Lewinsky became famous (or infamous, depending on one’s perspective) after having affair with then-President Bill Clinton. Against both of their wishes, the affair became public. 

Monica did publicly acknowledge said reference when “Partition” was dropped, in what can be seemed a semi-humorous sort of way. But later on, in mid-2022 when Beyoncé was coming under fire for certain lyrics found on her album “Renaissance” that she edited accordingly, Lewinsky also used the opportunity to indirectly request, apparently, that Knowles edit the reference to her on this track also.

The intro of this song (which is recited in French) appears to have been derived from a scene found in The Big Lebowski, the classic 1998 starring Jeff Bridges.

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