“Break My Soul” by Beyoncé

“Break My Soul” is a catchy dance song, but of course Beyoncé is also going to use the opportunity to get a pertinent message across. That message is “you won’t break (her) soul”.

And whereas in the chorus the intended addressee is identified as “everybody”, no, the vocalist is not speaking to us listeners per se. Instead whom the lyrics, in that regard, read as if they’re specifically aimed at is haters, gossipers and doubters.

In terms of the latter, it would be individuals who perhaps would try to dissuade someone from making a powermove. But as relayed, who Beyoncé is more specifically shunning are the types who, excuse our French, are always talking sh*t. That kind of negative attention, i.e. gossiping, can be just as discouraging as associating with people who tend to dispirit you. Indeed, as strong as Beyoncé may be, she does also acknowledge in the chorus that the actions of busybodies or what have you does indeed worry her.

And yes, Queen Bee does make it known in the second verse that she’s speaking from her own personal perspective, not as a general vocalist. And it is the haters – a category which the likes of gossipers falls into anyway – who are the focus of her ire in this passage. 

To make a long story short, what it basically boils down to is the singer expressing her resolve to do her thing and likewise encouraging others the same. As for those who are dedicated to hating regardless, what Bey is telling them is not to sleep, as she and crew are ready and willing to take it to the streets.

Some Motivation

Outside of that, there is also a motivational component to this piece, as expressed in the pre-chorus, expounded on in the third verse and buttressed in the bridge. Ultimately it really isn’t anything we haven’t heard before, even from Beyoncé herself.  That is to say that listeners are being advised to take initiative in starting a new, more-edifying chapter in our respective lives. Also as put forth, the main goal in such pursuits should be the ‘search for love’.


So it’s like there’s a lot being said in this piece, more than can be concisely fit into a single sentence. But at the same time, the inherent message is simple. Fundamentally, the thesis sentiment reads like an aggressive-defensive approach sometimes has to be taken in the name of not letting others steal your happiness. And relatedly, conscientious energy should be exerted in the name of bringing out the love that “lives inside” of us.

Lyrics for Beyonce's "Break My Soul"

Purported Political Implication in “Break My Soul”

Arguably the most ear-catching line in this song comes in the first verse, where Beyoncé puts forth that she “just quit her job”. She then follows up by noting that she did so in the name of “find(ing) a new drive”. 

As noted earlier there’s a lot going on in the piece, so she doesn’t really expound on that sentiment. But Queen Bee is one of the most-influential entertainers in America and one known to have powerful political connections accordingly. 

So now, some netizens have gone out on a limb by suggesting that said lines actually point to Knowles acceptance and propagation of a current econo-political movement dubbed “the Great Reset” whereas some powerful figures, such as Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell, are actually supporting the idea of mass unemployment. And with all of this semi-conspiracy theorizing in mind, it’s also interesting to note that former First Lady Michelle Obama, within less than 24 hours of “Break My Soul” dropping, promptly proceeded to endorse the track.

Release of “Break My Soul”

Beyoncé’s seventh studio album goes by the title “Renaissance”. Columbia Records issued “Break My Soul” as the project’s lead single on 21 June 2022.

Beyoncé announced the forthcoming of “Break My Soul” the day prior to its release.

Credits for “Break My Soul”

Beyoncé is credited as both a writer and producer of this song, and so are The-Dream and Christopher “Tricky” Stewart.  Additional co-writers are:

  • Jay-Z
  • BlaqNmilD
  • Big Freedia
  • Allen George
  • Fred McFarlane

The latter two actually co-authored “Show Me Love”, the classic 1990 dance tune by Robin S., which is sampled into “Break My Soul”. 

Meanwhile Big Freedia is a musician in her own right, and a track she wrote and BlaqNmilD produced, 2014’s “Explode”, is also utilized in this song.

Break My Soul

To note, the most recent single Beyoncé dropped prior to this one was a standalone piece called 2021’s “Be Alive” which was associated with a film that came out that year, King Richard starring Will Smith.

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