“Baby Boy” by Beyoncé (ft. Sean Paul) 

The “baby boy” mentioned throughout is a loving nickname the female vocalist (Beyoncé) has given to her significant other, who is portrayed by the male. And as far as the chorus goes, what she’s putting forth is that she’s in love, as manifested by the fact that she fantasizes about him constantly when he’s not around. And Sean’s role is apparently to illustrate why she is so smitten, such as him being good in bed and driving a nice car.

Beyoncé, “Baby Boy” Lyrics

Facts about “Baby Boy”

American singer Beyoncé featured Jamaican dancehall artist Sean Paul on the single, “Baby Boy”. The song was released on August 3 of 2003.

It came off the albums, “Dangerously in Love” by Beyoncé and “Dutty Rock” by Sean Paul. “Dutty Rock” was released in 2002 as Paul’s second studio album while “Dangerously in Love” came out the following year as Beyoncé’s debut studio album.

The song was written through the collaborative efforts of both performers with assistance from the following:

  • Robert Waller
  • Scott Storch
  • JAY-Z

Beyoncé partnered with Storch to take care of its production.

Beyoncé discusses her collaboration with Sean Paul  on "Baby Boy"

Columbia Records and Music World were the record labels responsible for the release of the song.

The single remained at the apex of the Billboard Hot 100 for an impressive nine consecutive weeks. That would be her longest running single on the said chart. It was however replaced by her 2006 hit song, “Irreplaceable”, which spent 10 weeks at the top. “Baby Boy” further peaked at No. 1 in France as well as Australia and made top-10 in the following countries:

  • Belgium – 7
  • Canada – 2
  • Germany – 4
  • Hungary – 3
  • Ireland – 6
  • Netherlands – 8
  • UK – 2

The RIAA of the US certified “Baby Boy” Platinum while BPI of the UK and Australia’s ARIA certified it Gold and 2x Platinum respectively.

In 2005, performer of the song “Got a Little Bit of Love for You”, Jennifer Armour, filed a lawsuit claiming copyright infringement. She argued, portions of her song had been used in “Baby Boy”. Jennifer’s case was however dismissed and so was her appeal at the court of appeal.


Nancy and the Boys released a remake of the song in 2004. Another notable cover of the song is the 2015 version put out by Relaxing Piano Covers.

Baby Boy

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