Pearl Jam’s “Superblood Wolfmoon” Lyrics Meaning

“Superblood Wolfmoon” is actually a love song. Or getting more to the issue at hand, it is centered on a romance the singer was in which has now expired. So the “Superblood Wolfmoon” is actually symbolic of his significant other’s departure. Now the relationship between the addressee and the singer is presented as having been a tumultuous one indeed. And to get this point across he uses colorful language such as his ‘eyes being swollen’ and ‘face being broken’ as a result. 

He also reveals to the audience that he actually wanted to “hurt” his partner.  So we see that strife was rife in their union. Yet despite it all it is also pretty clear that this is someone whom he still loves. For instance, even now in the aftermath, he has various types of visions of her wherever he goes. So perhaps in being euphemistic, we can say that this song presents one of the hard truths about romance. And that is in some instances it can be a very-ugly affair. But at least in this case that does not mean that there is no actual love present in the union, even coming from the person who perhaps caused the most harm.

Lyrics of "Superblood Wolfmoon"

Release Date of “Superblood Wolfmoon”

Pearl Jam began creatively teasing this tune, which required fans to point their smartphones towards the moon, on 13 February 2020. Republic Records and Monkeywrench Records then officially released it a few days later, on 18 February. And it was the second single to be issued from the band’s 2020 album, “Gigaton”. The lead single off of that album was “Dance of the Clairvoyants“.

“Superblood Wolfmoon” was written by Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder.  And the track was produced by the entire band alongside Josh Evans.

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