Pearl Jam’s “The Fixer”

Pearl Jam’s “The Fixer”, as its title depicts, portrays the narrator as a person trying to regain the attention of a lost lover. Here, the writer pleads to fix all the problems of his love interest, possibly because he or someone else failed to do so previously.

The narrator makes mention of related terms such as darkness, cold, old and bringing light to signify the state of mind of his love interest. These terms indicate that this person could be in a state of emotional trauma or depression, thus the need for some form of joy and excitement. The chorus however, reveals his original motive, which is to fight to restore the relationship that was lost.

In the final verse and bridge, he continues to propose solutions to all of his love interest’s problems including saying prayers and taking their side in hopes of ultimately becoming the center of this person’s attention and attraction.

“The Fixer” Information

Writing: Pearl Jam
Release: August 24th, 2009
Production: Brendan O’Brien
Album: Pearl Jam’s “Backspacer” album of 2009

Did Pearl Jam release this as a single?

Yes. It was Backspacer‘s first single.

How did “The Fixer” perform on the charts?

It appeared on 5 Billboard charts, entering the top-10 in 4 of them. The Hot 100 was one of the Billboard charts that it charted in. On this chart, it reached a peak position of 56.

In the United Kingdom, “The Fixer” managed to enter the UK Singles chart, peaking at 96. It did better in Poland (where it gave Pearl Jam a number 1 hit). In Canada, it also did very well, reaching No. 1 and No. 14 on Billboard’s “Canada Rock” and “Hot 100”.

Did “The Fixer” give Pearl Jam a Grammy?

This track along with 4 others (including Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody“) were nominated for “Best Rock Song” at 2010’s Grammys. Kings of Leon emerged winners with the aforementioned song.

Summary of “The Fixer”

The lyrics takes a look at the concept of trying to solve all the problems of someone you love with hopes of gaining their attention and trust.

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