Peter Gabriel’s This Is Home Lyrics Meaning

In composing this song, Peter Gabriel set out to imitate “some of the great Tamla Motown rhythm sections” of old but “in a modern way”. Also interesting to note is that for a time, he worked on This Is Home with Skrillex. However, Skrillex’s contributions didn’t make the final cut, as both the production and writing of the track are credited exclusively to Peter Gabriel.

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Amongst those who did contribute to this track is Orphei Drängar, a long-standing men’s choir from Sweden. This Is Home was released as the 10th single from Peter Gabriel’s album I/O on 13 October 2023, and the accompanying cover art is the work of an artist named David Moreno. And the label that backed this outing is Real World Records.

This Is Home did appear on the UK Singles Downloads Chart and performed better on the list than many of the other songs from I/O.

The Lyrics to This Is Home

One of the reasons Skrillex’s contributions were not used is because he and Peter Gabriel wanted to go in different directions with this song. The former, as to be expected, envisioned this piece as being club-based. But Peter, not being much of a partygoer himself, opted to focus on home, family and things of the such.

So with that in mind, perhaps we can safely assume that the addressee is someone like the vocalist’s wife. And as far as the concept of being home is concerned, what Peter is putting forth is that said individual serves that purpose in his life. In other words, the singer touts the addressee as actually being ‘his home’. And all lyrics considered, what that means is this person being the one who Gabriel counts on during hard times, and vice versa. And as further implied, there is a strong, “deep” love that exists between them. So presumably, it would be the strength of that love which serves as the basis for their relationship.

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