“Evil Twin” by Meghan Trainor

The “evil twin” of the singer is actually an alter ego which has less reservations than those which Meghan tends to exhibit under normal circumstances. For instance, her “evil twin” likes to get boozed. This side of her persona is also presented as the type who isn’t afraid to get into vociferous confrontations. And these are all the types of actions which the singer classifies as “bad decisions”. 

Or more to her chagrin, she finds herself in situations – indeed even this very song – where she is compelled to apologize for the actions of her second self. But that being said, this is also a side of her personality which she appreciates. And the primary reason is that this character is more confident than she normally is. 

So Meghan concludes that this ‘half of her’ is a necessary evil, so to speak. But due to her evil twin’s ‘wild actions’, the songstress is also compelled to apologize to those whom she offends when her other half takes over.

Lyrics of “Evil Twin”

Facts about “Evil Twin”

This song is part of the playlist of Meghan Trainor’s third album, which is entitled “Treat Myself”. And “Evil Twin” was released by Epic Records as the third single from that project on 13 December 2019. The tracks “No Excuses” and “Wave” were respectively released as the first and second singles from “Treat Myself”.

This is a track which Meghan Trainor had been teasing since early February, 2018.

The song was written by Meghan Trainor in conjunction with Josh Kear, Whethan and Tyler Johnson. And Johnson also produced the track in collaboration with Andrew Wells.

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