“Questions” by Fetty Wap

Fetty Wap’s “Questions” is without a shred of doubt a love song (albeit gangster style). The titular “questions” which Fetty Wap is referring to would obviously be along the lines of ascertaining the true level of love between he and his partner in the featured romantic relationship, as that idea is explored in the chorus. But overall the lyrics of this track are dedicated to the vocalist expressing admiration for his lady. 

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Amongst the aspects of her being which he appreciates the most are her appearance, mannerisms and ambiance. And perhaps more than anything he bigs up her ability to ‘put him in the mood’, as in inspiring Wap to engage in some bedroom fun with her. The lyrical makeup of the song is simple enough to convincingly relay these feelings. Or stated differently, there isn’t any type of varying agendas or subplots going on in this song aside from, as mentioned earlier, Fetty’s concern with how deep both he and his partner are vested. 

Lyrics of "Questions"

So in summation, this track can best be described as an ode to the singer’s significant other and what he loves about her the most.

When was “Questions” released?

300 Entertainment issued “Questions” on 14 February 2020 as part of Fetty Wap’s mixtape entitled “Trap & B”.

Writing Credits

“Questions” was written by Fetty Wap.

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