“Better Days” by Coi Leray (ft. Fetty Wap)

“Better Days” song is based on the artists dissing a certain type of romantic partner. More specifically, it reads as if they prefer lovers who have reached the level whereas they love are able to love their own selves before getting into a deep romantic relationship. As far as Coi Leray is concerned, what this means to her is that she wants a man mature enough to handle her.  Indeed she goes about dissing an ex-boyfriend whom she has concluded was only ‘good for brain’ – i.e. performing oral-based intimacy on her – and nothing else.  Moreover she spends an ample amount of bars detailing how well-paid she is.

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As far as Fetty Wap is concerned, what he seems to be saying is that he wants a woman who is financially independent. Indeed he goes on to insinuate that he looks forward to consuming her resources in addition to his own. But more to the point, his verse is centered on his own dedication to chasing paper.

But overall it is Coi who dominates the song. And what she is fundamentally saying is that, based on past experience, she now requires a partner to be able to adequately take care of himself before she hooks up with him. Indeed since parting ways with said individual who did not fit the bill, now she is experiencing “better days” than when she was actually with him.

Lyrics of "Better Days"

Facts about “Better Days”

Coi and Fetty wrote this song in conjunction with the track’s producers, Nash B and Wymtime.

This is the first time Coi and Wap, who are both from New Jersey, have teamed up.

It has been put forth that the ex-boyfriend whom Coi Leray may be referring to is none other than Ohio-based rapper Trippie Redd, whom she reportedly had a tumultuous relationship with.

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