“Rich Spirit” by Kendrick Lamar 

Kendrick Lamar is in fact wealthy, a fact that he makes known a couple of times during the earlier parts of this song (“Rich Spirit”). But notice that the name of this track is actually “rich spirit”. And as the piece progresses, it does appear that the subject we’re dealing with here is living a prosperous spiritual life, if you will.

Or as put forth in the chorus, the vocalist is someone who strives to ‘keep balance’. In other words, as alluded to in the second verse, religion and internal-mindedness is just as, if not more important to Kendrick as his material matters.  And the third verse indirectly reinforces the idea that he possesses a “rich spirit”, as its lyrics are dedicated to wishing good luck and guidance to the brethren.

But that said, as with more or less the entirety of Kendrick’s “Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers” album, the lyrics of “Rich Spirit” do read, at times, as being cryptic, for lack of a better word. In other words, a listener would have to be pretty familiar with Kendrick’s artistry and ideology to ascertain all that’s going down, on top of deciphering some more general metaphors also. So, this song definitely requires one to put on his or her thinking cap. But what it all boils down to, basically, is the celebrity vocalist letting the world know that religion/spirituality is something he takes seriously also.

Kendrick Lamar's "Rich Spirit" Lyrics

“Rich Spirit” Details

DJ Dahi, a hip-hop musician who, like Kendrick Lamar, is from Los Angeles, acted as both a writer and producer of this song. In the latter regard, he worked with Sounwave, Jahaan Sweet and Frano. And the other co-writers of “Rich Spirit” are Kendrick Lamar and Sam Dew, with Dew also providing background vocals to the track.

This song is a product of Interscope Records, UMG, Top Dawg Entertainment and Aftermath Entertainment.  And it is featured on “Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers”, the album Lamar dropped on 13 May 2022.

Rich Spirit

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    Out of this world… Proper Legendary Track 🙌🏼 and how its placed on the tracklist is perfect

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