“Worldwide Steppers” by Kendrick Lamar 

First of all concerning the title (“Worldwide Steppers”), the second verse in particular centers on Kendrick’s sexual exploits with White women. One of these sexual exploits happened “out in Copenhagen”, which is the capital of Denmark. 

A ‘big stepper’ is a term which, within the context of the African-American community, can be taken as pointing to someone like a successful playa. So a “worldwide stepper” and all can also be interpreted as being akin to a global playa, if you will.

But speaking of the entire globe, the chorus and conclusion of the third verse puts forth that we’re all ‘killers’. That is to say that Kendrick is in fact taking a global approach during some parts of this song. However, he doesn’t seem to expound on what that assertion actually means. All he does is note (once again at the end of the third verse) that even a ‘noble person slaughters people too’, though the way they go about ‘murdering is a bit slower’. 

But all lyrics considered, maybe what Lamar is saying, using his own sexual exploits as an example, is that we all have the tendency to take advantage of other people, if only granted the opportunity.

Verse 1

Meanwhile the first verse is primarily about a completely different topic. Therein Kendrick depicts himself as being noble. Put simply, he sees himself as “a man of God” who has been chosen to speak on behalf of the Most High, amidst K-Dot suffering from writer’s block. 

The vocalist also gives the impression that he lives a more spiritually-minded life than the average man. In that regard, it should be noted that in the intro and via Kodak Black, “Oklama”, as Kendrick is called these days, proceeds to recommend a prominent, Oprah-espoused spiritual teacher named Eckhart Tolle.

In the first verse, Lamar also alludes to be plagued by a sex addiction, which is the topic that theoretically the second verse is based on. And speaking of Kendrick bonking White women, he does seem to put forth that doing so is “like retaliation”. But retaliation for what? Strangely enough, in his eyes, it is retaliation for the injustices his people have historically suffered at the hands of Whites.

In Conclusion

Conclusively, sometimes K-Dot’s lyrics are very precise in terms of relaying what he’s saying. In other instances, such as “Worldwide Steppers”, understanding what he’s spittin’, in a comprehensive way, is more or less left up to the listeners. A lot of topics and ideas are introduced through the song that it becomes a challenge trying to ascertain its thesis sentiment, if any. But in this particular case, what it reads like we’re dealing with is part braggadocio, part social commentary and part Kendrick seemingly regretting certain acts he committed in the past. Most of these regrets appear to be related to his sexual interactions with women in the past.

Kendrick Lamar, "Worldwide Steppers" Lyrics

Release Date of “Worldwide Steppers”

This track (“Worldwide Steppers”) was put out on 13 May 2022. It was launched via the combined efforts of the below record labels:

  • Aftermath Entertainment
  • Interscope Records
  • Top Dawg Entertainment
  • The Universal Music Group 

It was originally released as part of K-Dot’s 2022 album titled “Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers”.


Kendrick wrote this song with Sam Dew and the track’s producers. The producers are: Sounwave, Tae Beat and J.LBS.

Kodak Black is featured on “Worldwide Steppers”

The vocals of controversial American rapper Kodak Black are featured on this song. Actually it is Kodak who holds down the song’s entire intro. Despite this, he isn’t officially credited as a feature on the track.

This isn’t the only song on the album Kodak appears on. For example, he is also featured on a song titled “Silent Hill”. To note, Kodak’s presence on the album raised some eyebrows thanks to his multiple criminal convictions.

Worldwide Steppers

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