“Saving All My Love For You” by Whitney Houston

On “Saving All My Love For You”, Whitney Houston expresses her admiration for a man who doesn’t seem to return the affection. Apparently, the singer and this man may have shared a few moments together in an affair of some sort but she ends up being pushed to the side because he has a family that needs him.

Considering her friend’s advice to get her own man and the fact that his family is coming between their affair; it is clear that this person may be a married man. The writer goes on to express her frustration at waiting for this man while coping with all the loneliness. In the bridge, we see that this person possibly promised to elope with her or leave his family but that is not the reality.

Nonetheless, the singer manages to hold on to her hope that this person will soon return the affection and spend more time with her. She suggests that she loves him more than any other woman, while promising to fulfill all his desires if he returns to her.

Music Video

The theme of the official music video of this Whitney classic centers heavily on adultery – a theme which saw Whitney being criticized severely. In the aftermath of the criticism, Whitney indicated that the role she played in the video is something she could never do in real life.

Facts about “Saving All My Love For You”

This song was originally written by Gerry Goffin and Michael Masser. First released in 1978 by Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr., Whitney Houston later released her version as the second single off her 1985 self-titled debut album.

Houston’s version is therefore technically a cover. However, her cover of the song became more popular than the original.

The performance of the song earned the singer her maiden Grammy Awards after she was adjudged the “Best Female Pop Vocal Performance”. It also performed incredibly well on the Billboard Hot 100 where it topped the chart in October 26, 1985.

Outside America, the song was ranked number 1 on the UK Singles in December 1985. The following year, the music video won the “Favorite Soul/R&B Video” at the American Music Awards.

She has performed the song on a number of shows including “Late Night with David Letterman”. She also added the song to all her subsequent music tours.

Lots of critics commended Houston for the song with others describing it as one of the best pop songs.

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