“Second Guessing” by Florida Georgia Line

Florida Georgia Line’s “Second Guessing” is premised on the narrator being somewhat of a maverick, i.e. an individual who always did his own thing. More to the point was his indecisiveness, as he was unable to decide what direction to take in life. But now he has fallen in love with a particular individual, that being the addressee. And he is letting her know that as a result of his feelings for her, he has finally found a definitive meaning to his life, which is basically to love her.

“Since I met you, I… I ain’t spent one second guessin'”

Did Florida Georgia Line write this song?

Yes the duo (Tyler and Brian) wrote “Second Guessing”. But they aren’t the song’s sole writers. At least seven other songwriters (including Ryan Tedder) worked with the duo to compose this song.

Release Date of “Second Guessing”

The duo officially released “Second Guessing” on May 18th, 2020. The song is contained within their 2020 project titled “6-Pack EP”. The song came out through Taylor Swift’s own Big Machine Records.

Does “Second Guessing” make use of samples?

Yes, it does. Singer and songwriter Griffen Palmer’s song of the same title is significantly sampled in this tune. By virtue of that, Palmer is also credited as one of the track’s composers.

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