“Sexual Eruption” by Snoop Dogg

As mature adults taking the lyrics of this song into consideration, we have to presume that the “sexual eruption” Snoop Dogg is referring to is an orgasm. So the bridge of the song focuses partially on the technique he uses to ensure that his partner achieves climax. And in terms of who said partner is, that would depend on which verse of the track we’re looking at.

Verse 1

For instance, the first would be someone else’s girlfriend whom he’s also dating. Well, Snoop isn’t dating her in the truest sense of the word but rather, it would seem, screwing homegirl behind her boyfriend’s back. And theirs is purely a sexual relationship, i.e. one they engage in entirely in the name of having satisfactory intercourse.

Verse 2

In the second verse, Doggy Dogg doesn’t focus on a particular female. Rather he alludes to the notion that he’s a womanizer, always “keep(ing) a bad b–ch” by his side – for sexual purposes, of course.

Verse 3

Then the third verse is actually the most extensive, in that it tells a short story. It features Snoop chillin’ in the club, admiring a particular female. Then a song by another hip-hop artist named Shawty Redd comes on, and she hits the dance floor. 

And the Shawty Redd shoutout is actually pretty important, as not only is he the producer of “Sexual Eruption”, but also this track was directly inspired by one that he had put out earlier. 

Furthermore, said tune causes homegirl to hit the dance floor. She’s scantily-clad, and as she dances Snoop becomes even further enamored. So he proceeds to kick it to her and of course succeeds in alluring her to the Dogg house. And the rapper concludes the verse by letting us know that he took his time in ‘exchanging some f–k faces’ with her’, as he wanted to make sure she had a “sexual eruption”.


So yes dear readers, this is a song in which Uncle Snoop, of all the rappers out there, is advocating that guys exercise patience in bed to make sure their partners are satisfied also. Or in the very least, he cares about putting on an ‘eruptive’ performance himself. 

And as such, when it does time to ‘play in the sheets’, seemingly under the foreknowledge that males can achieve orgasm faster than females, he really takes his time to do a partner good.

"Sexual Eruption" Lyrics

“Sexual Eruption” Facts

Artist(s): Snoop Dogg
Writing: The song was written by Snoop, Demetrius Stewart and S. Lovejoy
Production: Shawty Redd
Release: November 20 of 2007
Album/EP: “Ego Trippin’” 

What Snoop said about "Sexual Eruption"

Was “Sexual Eruption” a single release?

Yes. “Sexual Eruption” was the lead single from Snoop’s ninth studio album, “Ego Trippin’” 


  • R&B
  • Hip hop
  • Funk


In 2009, the song got nominated for “Best Rap Song” at the Annual Grammy Awards. It however, lost to Lil Wayne and Static Major’s “Lollipop”. Three other songs competed for that award:

In the same year “Sexual Eruption”, Lupe Fiasco’s “Paris, Tokyo”, Jay-Z ‘s “Roc Boys (And the Winner Is)…” and Nas’ “N.I.*.*.E.R. (The Slave and the Master)” all lost the Grammy award, “Best Rap Solo Performance” to “A Milli” by Lil Wayne.

Chart Performance:

  • US – 7
  • UK – 4
  • Turkey – 1
  • Sweden – 4
  • Belgium – 2


  • Oriol – Joy FM (2010)
  • Girl Talk – In Step (2008)
  • FaltyDL – Paradox Garage (2017)
  • Distinction (DJ) – Let Go (2008)
Sexual Eruption

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  1. Eclipse Deucy says:

    I love Snoops song Sexual Eruption. The song is not nice,but it talks about what happens in reality.Snoop keeps it real when he speaks about cheating behind your mates back. This happens everyday in life.

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