“She Will Be Loved” by Maroon 5

Maroon 5’s “She Will Be Loved” is based on the singer’s angst of being stuck in the friend zone. The addressee is the woman whom he adores. And the situation reads as if he would really like to express his feelings for her but lacks the heart. So in the meantime he is caught up in a situation where she is dating other dudes. Moreover when something goes bad in those relationships, as they inevitably do, he’s the one she comes crying to.  Indeed even when she secludes herself, he knows her well enough to figure out where she is hiding. 

So conclusively the song ends where it began, with him keeping his true feelings in check, perhaps hoping that she will realize on her own how he truly feels. And its title is based on the idea that no matter what, he will be there for her.

Music Video

Sophie Mueller directed the music video to this song. And it features the late actress Kelly Preston (much to the chagrin of Adam’s real-life girlfriend back then) playing the female lead opposite Adam Levine. Moreover it should be noted that the visual is based on a different narrative than the song itself.

Facts about “She Will Be Loved”

Adam Levin (who is the frontman of Maroon 5) wrote “She Will Be Loved” alongside his bandmate, James Valentine. And the track was produced by one of their regular collaborators, Matt Wallace.

Octone Records in conjunction J Records released this song on the 8th of June, 2004. It is the third single that Maroon 5 and their management released from their maiden album, which is entitled “Songs About Jane”.

Since its release, “She Will Be Loved” has maintained a notable presence in pop media – for instance being featured on a number of television shows and videogames. Moreover Maroon 5 included the tune during their famous performance at the Super Bowl in 2019. Also interesting to note is that in 2011, Snapple actually came out with a flavor called Tea Will Be Loved in conjunction with Maroon 5.

Indeed “She Will Be Loved” proved to be a notable success for Maroon 5, earning them a number one on a number of notable Billboard charts, including the Adult Top 40.  Moreover it topped music charts in Australia, Mexico and Venezuela. Additionally on the Hot 100, it reached a summit of 5. And on Britain’s official singles chart, it reached number 4. And internationally, it charted in 20 countries, in the process accomplished feats such as going quadruple-Platinum in the United States.

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