“Lost” by Maroon 5

The shtick of this Maroon 5 song relies on the titular metaphor of the vocalist being “lost”. What that basically means within context is that the singer’s life had no particular purpose to speak of. He didn’t believe in anything, nor was there anyone around who gave his existence meaning.

That is until the addressee came along. Now that he has “found” this individual, “faith”, “direction” and a higher degree of seriousness have been interjected into the narrator’s previously-purposeless life.

And all lyrics considered, it is most expedient to conclude that said addressee is a romantic interest, someone whom the vocalist became immediately smitten with, got into a relationship with and has been inspired by accordingly. But there isn’t any wording explicitly pointing to such an idea. 

So conclusively, the bottom line is simply that that narrator’s life has been greatly edified by the manifestation of the addressee into it.

Lyrics to "Lost" by Maroon 5

Music Video

The music video to this track was directed by a well-known name in the field, that being Sophie Muller. Over the years, she has directed a ton of very popular music videos, including the following:

Release Date of “Lost”

This song came out as the fourth single from Maroon 5’s album Jordi on 11 June 2021. And this was the same day the overall project itself was released by the following labels:

  • Interscope Records
  • Polydor Records
  • 222 Records

Writing Credits for “Lost”

Adam Levine wrote this song alongside these writers:

  • Jacob Kasher
  • Michael Pollack
  • Jon Bellion
  • The Monsters and Strangerz (Eskeerdo, Stefan Johnson and Jordan K. Johnson) 

It was also that latter group who produced “Lost”. And according to Adam Levine, who apparently conceptualized the whole tune, he personally took the writing of this piece very seriously.

Maroon 5's Adam Levine discusses "Lost"

Maroon 5

As of the release of this song the members of Maroon 5, a pop band hailing from L.A., are as follows:

  • Adam Levine (vocalist)
  • PJ Morton (keyboardist)
  • Sam Farrar (guitarist)
  • Matt Flynn (drummer)
  • James Valentine (guitarist )
  • Jesse Carmichael (keyboardist) 

Having moved well over 100,000,000 records, they are one of the most commercially-successful acts in industry history. Their last album before Jordi, 2017’s Red Pill Blues, went platinum. And earlier in 2021 they came out with a song entitled Beautiful Mistakes alongside Megan Thee Stallion which proved to be a moderate hit.


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