Meaning of “Girls Like You” by Maroon 5 (featuring Cardi B)

“Girls Like You” is a love song recorded by the American pop rock band Maroon 5 featuring American rapper Cardi B. The lyrics of “Girls Like You”, among other things, see the singer (Adam Levine) heaping  oceans of gratitude upon the woman in his life. He thanks her for putting up with him through very challenging times in the their love affair and lets her know how much he needs her.

Lyrics of "Girls Like You" by Maroon 5 featuring Cardi B

Facts about “Girls Like You”

  • The song was written by Adam Levine and five other songwriters, including rapper Cardi B. The four other writers are Gian Stone, Canadian record producer and songwriter Henry Walter (best known as Cirkut), American songwriter Starrah and American record producer and songwriter Jason Evigan.
  • Levine is the only member of Maroon 5 to have contributed to the writing of the song.
  • Two of the song’s writers, Evigan and Cirkut handled the production of the track.
  • “Girls Like You” was recorded somewhere in 2017 and released on June 5th, 2018 as the third single from Maroon 5’s sixth studio album titled Red Pill Blues.
  • “Girls Like You” topped the charts in a number of countries, including Lebanon, Singapore, Canada and the United States. On the UK Singles Chart, it peaked at number 7.
  • Upon reaching number 1 Billboard Hot 100, this tune gave Cardi B her  third number 1 hit in her home country. As for Maroon 5, that feat gave them their fourth chart-topper in the United States.
  • Maroon 5 performed this track live for the first time on 30th May, 2018 at their sixth concert tour (the Red Pill Blues Tour) at the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, Washington.
  • The music video for this track, which was officially released on 30th May, 2018, was directed by American film director David Dobkin. Dobkin is famous for directing such films as 2005’s Wedding Crashers and 2014’s The Judge.

Music Video for “Girls Like You”


In addition to featuring appearances from Cardi B and all members of Maroon 5, the song’s music video also features over a dozen prominent female personalities. Levine’s daughter Dusty Rose and his Namibian  born model wife Behati Prinsloo also appear in the music video. The video, which bears a striking resemblance to the music video of Drake’s 2018 hit song “Nice for What”, features the following inspirational female celebrities:

  1. American comedian Franchesca Ramsey
  2. English model and actress Millie Bobby Brown
  3. American television host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres
  4. American singer Jennifer Lopez
  5. American snowboarder Chloe Kim
  6. American soccer player Alex Morgan
  7. American singer and songwriter Mary J. Blige
  8. American actress Beanie Feldstein
  9. Cuban-American singer Camila Cabello
  10. American comedian Phoebe Robinson
  11. American gymnast Aly Raisman
  12. American comedian Sarah Silverman
  13. Israeli actress Gal Gadot who is best known for playing the character Wonder Woman
  14. Canadian vlogger and YouTube personality Lilly Singh
  15. American author Amani Al-Khatahtbeh
  16. American actress Trace Lysette
  17. American comedian and actress Tiffany Haddish
  18. Undocumented American immigration activist Angy Rivera
  19. Former American professional open-wheel racing driver Danica Patrick
  20. Somali-born American politician Ilhan Omar
  21. American actress Elizabeth Banks
  22. American model Ashley Graham
  23. British singer Rita Ora
  24. American activist Jackie Fielder

The song’s video sheds light on different identity politics, social movements and pertinent social issues in America ranging from issues of immigration to Islamophobia. According to the video’s director, they wrote personal letters to each of the female celebrities that was featured on the video.

What musical genre is “Girls Like You”?

It is a pop song. It can also be referred to as a pop rock song.

3 Responses

  1. JP says:

    There is so much wrong with this “factual explanation”

    To start with… of August 26th, 2018 at least on American Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest, this was the NUMBER 1 SONG and honestly I know Billboard is the authority, but Ryan Seacrest owns so much media in the USA that he should be considered just as important and I’m not exactly sure where he gets his rankings, he may use radio play or billboard itself who knows? Another annoying mistake that is made so often when describing Adam Levine and his family is the birth lineage of his wife. Behati Prinsloo is a native of the country of Namibia, to be fair it is in the SOUTHERN PART of Africa, but due to the fact South Africa is an entire other country they should be clear. Adam Levine and Maroon 5 caught heat for the name of the album as it debuted around the same time as the #METOO movement was reaching it’s peak. It had nothing to do with the red of that campaign but made a reference to the Matrix Red Pill and Blue Pill. Due to the timing and the minor controversy Adam Levine has proudly announced that he is a feminist and believes in the power and authority of women of all shapes and sizes and races and nationalities and orientations which is why so many of the women are politically active in that campaign and other aspects of both the entertainment industry, politics, social media and the LBTQ communities.

    Another huge mistake is that letters were written to all the women. It should be noted that not only were letters written, ADAM LEVINE personally wrote them, Michelle Obama, and many other women who have been influential lately were contacted but schedules didn’t permit them to do the video. All the women in the video were told to wear and look however they wanted and the gray t shirt and very bland look of Levine is on purpose as the attention is to be on the women featured. It was also said that Gal Gadot wanted to be in the video so badly that the shoot was moved around a couple of times to accommodate her schedule as well as many of the other women in the video. Maroon 5 is well known for their dynamic and creative music videos for all their songs past and present. Some presenting as small short films with the song as the background. This video is not only well made, but it’s important and not similar to any other video out right now. Cardi B was especially excited to be on the track with Levine as she has overcome a lot of hardship earlier in her life to now be a music superstar and only a star as influential as Levine could get some of the biggest stars in all celebrity forms, sports, music, television, film. I think they meant for this video to be a testament to women and it is a huge and not to mention catchy one, it’s also a testament to the band and Adam’s kindness and thoughtfulness for them to come up with such a great concept to speak to issues plaguing the world today and show the world he wants for his wife and children to live in. I think this video should be lauded as one of the year’s best thinking back over the many scandals with men and women from the very powerful and famous to the normal women and that Adam and Maroon 5 haven’t lost touch with their fans and the world. It’s so refreshing. Love this video. Sorry to nitpick about some details, but I see the same minor mistakes on so many websites I had to correct them and I obtained my information from yet another website, but the accuracy of them has been checked against many sources and I have found them to be true. Thanks guys, enjoy this video share it with everyone whether they like Maroon 5 or not it’s a great way to bring positive attention to the power and influence of women in a world that has been riddled with scandals. Cheers

    • Kojo says:

      Duly noted, JP. However, as of August 26th, 2018, “Girls Like You” still occupies the number 2 position on the Billboard Hot 100 top-ten singles. And when it comes to record chart in the United States’ music industry, the Billboard Hot 100 is widely considered the most accurate. All the same, thanks for your very informative contribution. We appreciate it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    When haven’t women been held up in this world? This world’s just getting crazier, not better.

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