“Smokin Out The Window” by Silk Sonic

You can tell by watching any of the music videos they have put out thus far, including the one to “Smokin Out the Window”, that the Silk Sonic boys are a fun loving crew. And said sense of comedy, so to speak, also tends to make its way into their lyrics, even when they’re talking about serious matters, such as romance. And so it is with this song we’re dealing with today.

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Let’s take the first verse for example. The way the situation is presented, with Bruno having spent a grip on a romantic interest on top of looking out for her unruly kids, is done in a way that can be deemed humorous. And likewise with the second verse, as rendered by .Paak.

Thesis Sentiment

But the thesis sentiment of this piece revolves around the two of them having been used by said romantic interest(s). So if you may be the kind of person that finds the word “b–ch” funny under certain circumstances for instance, well, that term makes an appearance in the lyrics also. 

But in regards to its usage, by the looks of things the homeys have a legitimate beef in that the subject of the song has established herself as a gold-digger. She is basically someone who has consumed tens of thousands of dollars of their money, only for the vocalist(s) to currently find himself “so cold” and “all alone”. 

Or stated more bluntly, he is still in love with her despite being unceremoniously and unexpectedly dumped. Or let’s say that if you’re a guy spending large wads of cash on your sweetheart, you wouldn’t expect her to just one day up and leave you, promptly proceeding to fraternize with other dudes, as this case reads. 

So it’s as if in addition to feeling like he’s been gypped, the singer is also, even more disturbingly, heartbroken. And even then, it’s sort of like a love/hate type of situation. So whereas the chorus may be filled with romantic lamentations, the bridge is instead focused on Anderson’s hope that karma catches up to the subject for what she has done. 

Song’s Title (“Smokin Out The Window”)

Meanwhile, the title isn’t necessarily a literal act but rather symbolizes the homeys being stressed the f–k out due to being caught in this predicament.

So again, even though you may yourself laughing at certain junctures of this song, anyone who has ever been through such an ordeal would by all means testify that falling victim to such a lover is very much less than ideal. 

And if there is a moral to the story, as in what the vocalists have learned from this experience, then as implied in the chorus it would perhaps be to study a lady more closely before actually falling in love with her.

Silk Sonic, "Smokin Out The Window" Lyrics

Silk Sonic and “Smokin Out The Window”

Silk Sonic is what is being referred to as an “R&B superduo”. It is made up of two singers who are famous in their own respective rights – Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars – teaming up as one. 

They’ve just begun dropping songs under this moniker earlier in 2021. They have thus far released two singles from Silk Sonic’s debut album, “An Evening with Silk Sonic”. The first of those, “Leave the Door Open“, proved to be the type of hit you would expect from a collaboration of these rhythm and blues’ heavyweights. 

And even though the pair did recently make known that they regularly get into creative tiffs, it is obvious that .Paak and Mars respect each other’s artistry.

Moreover the vocalists have developed a true friendship, having first met back in 2017. And it has been noted that when they did decide to collaborate, “Smokin Out the Window” was one of the first songs they put together. And besides for the two singers, the other credited writer of this piece is D’Mile.

Bruno Mars discusses "Smokin Out The Window"

D’Mile, a Brooklynite, also co-produced this track in conjunction with Bruno Mars.

Additionally, Bruno acted as co-director of this song’s music video, getting that specific task done alongside John Esparza.

This track is a product of Aftermath Entertainment, whom Anderson .Paak is known to be affiliated with, in conjunction with mega label Atlantic Records, whom both vocalists have worked under. And to note, Aftermath has been indirectly involved in Bruno Mars’ come-up also.

Smokin Out The Window

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