“Coast” by Hailee Steinfeld (ft. Anderson .Paak)

The lyrics of this “Coast”, as indicated by its title, are partially based on an ocean-related motif. But more specifically as far as the titular metaphor is concerned, the word “coast” is basically utilized to point to the vocalist’s desire to become a unit, so to speak.

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In other words, this is love song interlaced with some sexual innuendos. Well actually, Anderson states his carnal hunger for Hailee forthrightly, as those of us familiar with his style already know how he gets down. But all of that noted, there isn’t anything particularly outstanding about the featured lyrics, except for the fact that at one point, Paak seems to imply that he is in fact singing to Steinfeld or someone else who ‘lives on the screen and stage’.

Lyrics of Hailee Steinfeld's "Coast"

Release Date of “Coast”

“Coast” is being hailed as Hailee Steinfeld’s comeback song. Republic and Mercury Records officially dropped this on 29 July 2022. It marks Hailee’s first single (as headline vocalist) since those songs associated with her second-studio album, 2020’s “Half Written Story”.

To note, Steinfeld is also an accomplished actress and in fact is more recognized in that regard than for her music career. So what she has been doing between then and now was starring on 2021’s Hawkeye. Hawkeye, which is a series, is one of the better products to come out of the MCU/Disney+ collaboration thus far. She appeared in this series alongside Jeremy Renner.

Hailee announced the forthcoming of this song about a week before it was officially released. And along with its issuance has come a custom pearl necklace she’s marketing which features the word “coast” on it.


This track was produced by Koz, a prominent behind-the-scenes’ man. He also co-wrote “Coast” with the followng:

  • Hailee Steinfeld
  • Anderson .Paak
  • Mikky Ekko
  • Gabe Simon

Anderson .Paak

Anderson is a full-fledged musician who most recently experienced notable success as part of Silk Sonic, a collaborative project he started with Bruno Mars in 2021. 

“Coast” is the first time he and Hailee have teamed up.


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