“Skate” by Silk Sonic

From the onset, we see that Silk Sonic’s “Skate” is akin to a love or seduction song. Anderson .Paak goes about dropping a number of colorful metaphors pointing to just how enamored he is with the addressee, who is a romantic interest. And Bruno Mars does the same in the second verse, going about admiring how his lady smells for instance, as did Anderson. 

And what these assertions lead the listener to is a chorus where they are encouraging said addressee to ‘skate to them’.

As presented, that’s another way saying, most simply put, ‘come near so that we can get intimate’. And whether or not this is a case of true love is ultimately based on listener interpretation. For instance, the vocalists admit in the bridge that they are not the types to just go about falling in love. However, this particular night does have them falling for the addressee, ‘and only her’. 

So more generally understood, the titular metaphor serves as an invitation for her come over. And if she does meet this request, the plan of course is to get it on.

So even definitively classifying this piece becomes a challenge. Labeling it a sex song would be stretch since lyrically the vocalists never directly take it there and are even classy, shall we say, with their compliments towards the apple of their eye. But calling it a love song may also be inaccurate, as this seems to, in the very least, be a case of borderline infatuation. 

So perhaps the best way to describe this is as a song of seduction. That is to say that the vocalist is flattering the addressee, evidently for the specific purpose of convincing her to come closer.

Lyrics to "Skate" by Silk Sonic

Release Date of “Skate”

Being released on the date of 30 July 2021 via the joint efforts of Aftermath Entertainment and Columbia Records, this track marks only the second song that Silk Sonic has put out thus far. As such it is featured on the project’s debut album, which is entitled “An Evening with Silk Sonic”.

Silk Sonic

Silk Sonic is a joint project between vocalists/homey Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars, which just commenced earlier in 2021. And both of these artists, the latter especially, are already established stars in the music industry.

Silk Sonic’s first single, which came out a few months before this outing, was “Leave the Door Open”. And it proved to be a major global success, though its most notably showing was in fact stateside. Here, the song topped the Billboard Hot 100 and has been certified platinum thus far as of the release of “Skate”.


Credits for “Skate”

Both Anderson and Mars are credited as co-writers of this track, with the latter also being acknowledged as one of its producer. 

The other producer is Dernst Emille II (aka D’Mile), who is also one of the co-writers. And the other co-authors are listed below:

  • James Fauntleroy
  • JD Beck
  • Domitille Degalle

Additionally, Bruno Mars served as one of the director of the song’s music video. He accomplished that particular task alongside Florent Déchard. And said video features the vocalists chillin’ with a bunch of sexy female skaters.

What Bruno Mars said about "Skate"

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