Some Things Last a Long Time by Beach House Lyrics Meaning – Unraveling the Emotional Tapestry of Memory and Loss

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Your picture
Is still
On my wall
On my wall

The colors
Are bright
As ever

Red is strong
Blue is true

Some things last a long time
Some things last a long time

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Immersed in an ocean of melancholy and nostalgia, Beach House’s rendition of ‘Some Things Last a Long Time’ is a delicate meditation on the enduring nature of emotions and memories. The cover that which initially found its roots in Daniel Johnston’s raw and poignant songwriting, has been reimagined with the dream-pop duo’s ethereal touch, whispering to the deepest parts of the human psyche.

Examined through the looking glass of heartfelt introspection and artful musicality, this song speaks to the universal experience of clinging to the vestiges of the past, with colors and shades that resonate with lyrical simplicity yet profound emotional depth.

An Enduring Canvas of Emotion – A Deep Dive Into the Aesthetics

When Beach House took on ‘Some Things Last a Long Time’, they dipped their brush into the rich palette of human emotion and painted broad strokes on the canvas of memory. The lyrics suggest a stationary image, a nondescript photograph ‘still on my wall,’ which serves as a portal to the unyielding vibrancy of past colors.

The mention of colors having a consistent brightness even after the passage of time captures the complex relationship we have with our past experiences; they can feel as fresh and invasive as if they happened yesterday, yet they are untouchable, impermissible fragments of a time that can never truly be revisited.

The Hues of Heartache – Red’s Strength and Blue’s Truth

Colors in lyrics often serve a symbolic purpose, carrying emotions and ideas on their wavelength. In the context of this song, red’s strength and blue’s truth are not just splashes on a picture but representations of the robustness and authenticity of the feelings that refuse to fade away.

The red hue can be interpreted as the symbol of enduring love or passion, while blue could represent a cooler sense of clarity and faith. These two strong, true colors, enshrined in the permanence of the photographed moment, highlight the song’s reflection on the lasting impact that certain relationships and emotions have on our lives.

Eternal Echoes – The Song’s Undying Hidden Message

While the song’s deliberate repetition of ‘some things last a long time’ serves as its mantra, the subtext runs deeper. It’s a subtle acknowledgment that amidst impermanence and change, certain aspects of life, like the love or pain we’ve felt, sustain their grip on our present.

These echoes of the past outlast the physicality of the moment, they are the remnants of a past love, a lost friend, or perhaps a version of oneself that remains ever-present in the corridors of the mind. The song invites the listener to ponder over their own personal ‘photographs,’ those timeless entities within our lives that we carry forward.

Immortal Lines – The Verses That Capture Our Soul

‘Your picture is still on my wall, on my wall’—this line is a simple yet potent reminder that the past never entirely relinquishes its hold. The words are akin to a mantra that evokes a meditation on permanence in things that we often assume transient.

The phrase exudes comfort and affliction in equal measure, implying that while the physical image is unchanged, the emotional landscape around it may have shifted dramatically. It captures the notion that while time moves incessantly forward, our inner world often lingers, suspended in moments that have etched themselves within us.

Harmony and Heartbreak – Embracing the Melancholic Undercurrent

Amidst the song’s lyrical simplicity lies a rich undercurrent of melancholy—a feeling Beach House translates seamlessly through their atmospheric instrumentation and haunting vocals.

The melody swells and recedes like tides against the shore, each note a reminder of the past’s indelible mark. It offers a bittersweet solace, recognizing the unavoidable heartache that comes from things permanent in their resonance, cementing ‘Some Things Last a Long Time’ as a modern-day hymn to the bittersweet symphony of life.

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