“Stand Up” by Ludacris (ft. Shawnna) 

This is a dance/sex song. And it is possible that what the phrase “stand up” means, partially, in context is serving as an instruction to the addressee, i.e. Ludacris’s sexual interest, to get it on with him in that regard. Or let’s say that the title is sort of a double entendre, serving, chorus wise, as an encouragement to dance. 

But as far as the primary lyrical focus goes, the first two verses are centered on the vocalist’s desire to sleep with the addressee, while the last focuses on Luda’s ability to ‘tear the club up’. 

So conclusively, this may be considered a dance track, though with a pronounced sexual narrative.

“Stand Up” Lyrics

Facts about “Stand Up”

“Stand Up”, is a song by American rapper Ludacris featuring fellow American rapper Shawnna. It was launched on August 19 of 2003.

“Stand Up” was released as one of five singles from the album, “Chicken-n-Beer” which happens to be the third studio album of Ludacris.

Ludacris collaborated with renowned American rapper, songwriter and record producer Kanye West to compose and produce the song.

The song peaked at number 1 on America’s iconic Billboard Hot 100 and remained there for a week. It went on to spend 28 weeks on the chart. In the United Kingdom, it peaked at No. 14.

German auto manufacturers Mercedes-Benz featured the song in an ad which aired during the Super Bowl LIII in February of 2019.

In 2004, “Stand Up” won a nomination for the award, “Best Rap Solo Performance”. It however lost the said award to Eminem’s “Lose Yourself“.


In 2004, the cover band, Richard Cheese had their version of the song released.

Stand Up

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