“Still into You” by Paramore

This is a real-life love song in that it is based on the vocalist, Hayley Williams’, former relationship with a fellow musician named Chad Gilbert. But by and large the lyrics are general enough that they can be applied to any permanently-loving relationship. 

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And the wording being relayed is wonderful yet at the same time realistic. For instance, in the first verse she acknowledges that their relationship is “not a walk in the park”. That’s another way of saying that they have their issues. But the pleasantness of the association is the main idea of the passage. Or as the vocalist puts it, tiffs and all, being in this relationship is still “worth it”.

And along those same lines, as indicated in the pre-chorus, even after the two of them being together for some time she remains very much in love. And we’re not simply talking about loving the dude. Rather even to this day she still gets “butterflies” when they are together. 

So it’s like she’s as giddy as when they first met. Moreover, even when they do get into their “worst” fights, her strong feelings for him remain. Or let’s say, as implied by the reaction of spectators of this relationship, its continuance has defied the odds. 

And from the singer’s perspective, that would apparently be due to the fact that even after so much time has elapsed, it’s like the participants remain in the euphoric stage of romance.

An Unshakable Love

In the second verse, the listener will get more of the impression that the vocalist is in fact addressing a specific person as opposed to fantasizing about romance or basing the lyrics on fiction. But again, she doesn’t get so specific that the words lose their general applicability. Rather the sentiment being put forth is more like the two parties involved serve a special purpose in each other’s lives.  Said purpose really isn’t specified. 

But simply put, let’s say that they both needed someone to truly love – and vice versa – and found that with each other. So it is apparently that logic, if you will, which stands as the primary reason why this association has been able to survive certain factors, such as discontent and the passage of time, which tend to destroy others.

But at the end of the day, going too far trying to describe the meaning of this piece is unnecessary. The thesis sentiment is simply that the singer is “still into” the addressee.  Or more specifically, her love for her is just as strong now as it was in the first.

Lyrics to "Still into You"
Paramore's Hayley Williams talks about "Still into You"


Paramore is a rock band from a part of Tennessee known as Franklin. They have been around since 2004 and still as at 2021 are fronted by the same female vocalist, Hayley Williams.

Release of “Still into You”

This particular song is from their self-titled, fourth studio album.  And at that time Williams was backed by bass guitarist Jeremy Davis and conventional guitarist Taylor York.  York is still down with the crew as of the onset of the 2020s, but Davis is no longer around, having been replaced by drummer Zac Farro.

This track was released on 14 March 2013, via Fueled by Ramen. 

"Still into You"
“Still Into You”

More Facts about “Still into You”

And on top of appearing on five Billboard charts it was a bit hit internationally, charting in 10 nations around the world.  That achievement was highlighted by the track scoring a number one on the UK Rock & Metal Chart.

Additionally, Still Into You has been certified double-platinum in the United States and Australia and platinum in the UK.

This tune was also ranked amongst the “100 Best Songs of 2013″ by Rolling Stone.  And it was regarded even higher by Billboard, who considered it one of the “20 Best Songs of 2013”.  In fact even though it only managed to reach number 24 on the Hot 100, Billboard still placed it on their year-earned Hot 100 ranking for the entirety of 2013.

Meanwhile just to note, this song was first performed live by Paramore at the 2013 South by Southwest festivities, where were held in Austin, Texas.

As expected this track has its own music video, which was handled by director Isaac Rentz.

The aforementioned Hayley Williams and Taylor York, Paramore bandmates, wrote Still Into You.  And Hayley in particular had a strong affinity for the tune even from the time she began writing it.  And its creation also marked the band’s “shift to more of a pop sound”, according to Williams.

The producer of this track is a mainly-solo musician by the name of Justin Meldal-Johnsen.

As of the release of this song, the aforenoted Chad Gilbert is primarily known as being a member of a rock band known as New Found Glory.  And for the record, he and Hayley Williams did in fact go on to marry in 2014.  However the marriage barely lasted for a year and-a-half.

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